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02-05-2009, 11:16 AM
My guild has been progressing very nicely through the 25 Naxx. We were able to clear the first 3 wings in 3 hours with one wipe, we were very happy to say the least.

We have attempted to clear the Construct Quarter before, and we were simply overwhelmed (a month ago) by Patchwerk. We went in last night and BLAM destroyed.... again... and again...

Here is our Log Link: http://www.wowmeteronline.com/combat/log/407501

Attempt #6 was the best. However, I told our healers not to mana efficient at all and just speed cast EVERYTHING (the Druids included) so that we could get a good benchmark of our raw healing.

Attempt #2 was our best "true" attempt.

The attempts were rather random. One time we will run in and get Patch down to 60% the next time we would wipe 20 sec. into the fight.

Now, I know that it was probably suicide to do this raid with only 23 people, but we figured we might as well get some good attempts in before we worry about beating the enrage timer (our best DPS wasn't on anyhow). Our hateful strike tanks dieing is the cause of the wipe.

Our tanks are decently geared, I get about 37k HP buffed (30k unbuffed) when I stack my avoidance set (27% dodge, 20% parry before diminishing). The other tank didn't have as much avoidance but I think that his 35kish HP is good enough to survive with about 20% avoidance in both parry and dodge before diminishing. Our "main tank" for the encounter was our lowest HP guy with about 26kish HP unbuffed.

Now, my largest question is does our raid just have weak healing, weak tanks, or just a bad raid composition for the Patchwerk encounter. We had 3 tanks (all Warrior) and 6 healers (3 of which were Druids, 2 Shaman, and 1 Priest).

Should I be asking more from our healers, or do we just need a pally healer or two? I haven't really read much on the composition of raids that are just starting out on Patchwerk (everyone knows I can find plenty of DPS threads though ;))

Any input would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

02-05-2009, 11:24 AM
are the druids spec'ed for healing touch? because the thing about the patchwerk 25 fight is, NO SMALL HEALS ALOUD! if you get hit by a hateful down to... 30% we'll say, and a hot or two, or just any weak heal in general gets you up to 50% before anything big hits; guess what? your eligible for another hateful! :D, hope you avoid it.

what we ended up doing was sticking our two pallys on the MT, who was taking considerably less damage, but consistant damage, and having them beacon the two OTs. then the OT's both had two dedicated healers, plus the Beacon of light heals off the MT. It took us a couple trys up to that point, but after those healing assignments we got him down next try.

common causes for early wipes are healers not being prepared, an OT stealing aggro, getting a hateful and a physical attack back to back, or the hateful tanks not being in range and the MT getting a hateful because there are no other possilbe targets. make sure everybody is ready and the 3 tanks are packed together

02-05-2009, 02:15 PM
are the druids spec'ed for healing touch? because the thing about the patchwerk 25 fight is, NO SMALL HEALS ALOUD!
Anyone have a sample druid spec for healing? I'm not really familure with one. Are you referring to the "Empowered Touch" talent?

So should the Druids even bother Hotting? And does the "No small heals" go for Priests and Shamans as well?

02-05-2009, 02:47 PM
Looks like you are using 3 druids, 2 shamans, and a holy priest. This is doable but for you first kill this will be a moderately hard healer group to be working with.

If I had to take a stab at setting up healing assignment I would have the druids rolling hots on all 3 tanks, a shaman and holy priest on the main offtank and the last shaman on the 2nd offtank. Main/second offtank determined by which has the most HP of the two.

If one of the targets is still taking too much damage rotate one of the druids to focus on said person.

If you are still having trouble I would try to swap a druid for a holy paladin as this is one their best 2 fights in the game(the other being Razuvious). If you get a holy paladin have him focus the main offtank with his beacon cast on the main tank. It is doable without a holy paladin but on this fight one will make a noticeable difference on healing.

02-05-2009, 03:22 PM
When we did our attempts we had our healers assigned to a specific tank. You are recommending to have the "big" healers assigned to one tank each, then have the druids just HoT all the tanks?

Maybe we will have to try that this time around, thank you :D

Any more thoughts guys? WTB Holy Pally :rolleyes:

02-05-2009, 05:34 PM
As the hate full strikes land on the tank with the highest health at that moment, a small heal landing at the wrong time could place one tank above the other, but still lower then the damage of the hate full strike. (OT-A has 16K, OT-B gets a small heal up to 17K so takes the next 18K hateful).

There is probably a nice way to compute a minimum heal size based on total health and mitigation for each tank to determine if Healer X can keep Tank Y above the critical mark. Not including heal crits because then you are at the mercy of the RNG gods.

Another thing to consider is the delta HP of each OT. Would it be better to have 2 tanks with almost the same 40K HP, or one 50K and another 35K?

02-05-2009, 10:17 PM
Have your tanks run in with full hots, shields and w/e ticking.

I usually MT this fight if i'm not healing it. As MT, u shud neva have any threat issues at all, just remember to keep your mitigation abilities up all the time i.e. holy shield, dodge trinkets etc. When u have spare gcd, sacred shield yourself and the OTs, it helps trememdously.

Have your resto druids pumping out full hots on all tanks all the time, shaman shud keep refreshing ES, RT and LHW procs like crazy. Make sure the priest keeps up pws's. If you have a paladin, it makes this fight seem miles easier. Just have him spamming his heals on the OTs with a beacon on the MT. Keep JoL up at all times. Let the Prot Pal keep Sacred shield up on the tanks.

If you have 2 x shamans, make sure one drops a SoE and another a Stoneskin to help mitigation. Blow Shield walls, SI, BS etc at abot 6 or 7 percent.

Healers cant spare a gcd at all in this fight.

We usually have 6 healers on this fight, Resto Shaman and Holy Priest on the MT,2 Holy pal beaconing the MT and OT. 2 Resto druids keeping hots on all tanks.

Having a Feral Druid soak the hatefuls is ideal since their avoidance is superior to any other class, they can often soak a few hatefuls due to their large health pools.

02-06-2009, 08:59 PM
I've seen a few guilds having 2 healers for this encounter. How is this even possible? lol. Do Pally healers rule this fight that much?

02-07-2009, 04:45 PM
I've seen a few guilds having 2 healers for this encounter. How is this even possible? lol. Do Pally healers rule this fight that much?

Yes beacon of light is incredibly overpowered for this fight.