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02-04-2009, 08:43 PM
So tonight will be our 4th night or so of wiping on Sarth + 3 Drakes.

Our first couple nights were pure brute force. 3 Tanks 6 Healers, getting Shadron to ~20% couple seconds into Vesp landing. Skipping portals, and having our MT die.

We switched it up to a DK MT for more cooldowns since were usually short priests. Now were having the problem of not enough DPS and to many dying. Feel's like were never going to get this...

Im the GM/MT I work on drakes. Tonight the way were working it out is 3 Tanks once again 7 healers. Hero on Tenebron burn him before Shadron lands, Clean up adds. Then send a group into the twilight to kill Acolyte's soon as Acolyte is dead back on Shadron and repeating this for Shadron's and Versperons Acolyte.

I guess what Im looking for here is are we doing this right? Is there anything we could change to help us get this? Or is this a buckle down and hope people don't die to shit.


02-05-2009, 02:55 AM
My guild just got the achievement tonight. We used the Fusion strategy, but if you only have six healers, I'd use Ciderhelm's strategy:


After Tenebron dies, you can have a DPS that has a taunt (feral druid, ret pally) move to the position Ciderhelm is at in the video and taunt the breaths.

"Hero on Tenebron burn him before Shadron lands, Clean up adds. Then send a group into the twilight to kill Acolyte's soon as Acolyte is dead back on Shadron"I don't think it's a good idea to go into the portals until Shadron is dead. You'll lose too much DPS, Shadron will stay alive for too long, and you'll run out of cooldowns to use on your MT, or Vesperon+Shadron will be up for so long Twilight Torment will kill off your raid.

Try using Bloodlust/Heroism right as Tenebron's whelps emerge from the portal. This is usually right after the second lava wave. This will help finish off Tenebron, kill the whelps faster, and it should help you get started on Shadron.

If you have people dying from fissures or firewalls, you can delegate the assignment of calling out "fissure melee" and "firewall" in vent to 1 or 2 people. Bigwigs makes this nice ping sound every firewall, and I always say "firewall" in vent when I hear it. We have a melee DPS call out "fissure melee" to keep people from tunnel visioning.

Put two AoE healers on the raid while Vesperon's disciple is up, and (as recommended in Ciderhelm's video) have your holy/prot paladins pick up the Divine Guardian talent. Coordinate paladin bubbles over vent after Vesperon summons his disciple.

Keep trying and I'm sure you'll get it!

02-05-2009, 01:09 PM
TY for the advice. We've played around a lot with different strategies, After tonight I think our raid is burnt so well do some alt Naxx's couple fun things for a week or 2 work on a game plan for 3 Drakes then go at it with a vengeance in a week or 2.

Any more help people could toss our way would be much appriciated.

02-05-2009, 01:28 PM
DK tank is definately best suited for tanking Sartharion, made a big difference for us.

Breakdown on how we do it:
-All dps goes on Tenebron, goal is to kill him before Shadron lands.
-After Tenebron is dead, AoE all the adds. While DPS is busy dealing with whelps and elementals, Shadron lands and drake-tank moves him across to the north while his breath is on cooldown. Idea here is to not lose dps during Bloodlust because of moving it around too much just to grab 3rd drake.
-Adds are down and we pop Bloodlust to burn down Shadron fast as possible, meanwhile Vesperon lands and drake-tank picks him up as well, popping SW to stay alive that short period where you have to take breaths from two drakes with twilight torment being up.
-Vesperon isn't really a big deal so before killing him, DPS takes portals and kills Acolytes so we don't have to worry about Twilight Torment anymore and fight is basically won at this point. After adds are down, just kill last drake and nuke Sartharion.

02-05-2009, 01:57 PM
Imo high dps is getting a bit too much attention on this encounter. While high dps surely helps, control is king.
I'd advise 4 tanks and at least 7 healers. I love divine guardian rotations(with hand of sacrifice on the MT), and bloodlust on Shadron to boost the healers a bit.