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02-03-2009, 12:05 PM

Sartharion 25 can easily be done with 10 or probably even fewer people, depending on which deliciously overpowered or maliciously imbalanced classes you bring along. This is an excellent opportunity for quality 10-man guilds to get a bit of extra loot each week from Heroic Sarth and one that we recommend people start working towards after they are able to kill Sarth(10)+1Drake and before they start working on Sarth(10)+2Drakes, which is a lot more difficult.

After downing Sartharion + 2 Drakes 10-man, our group decided to have a crack at Heroic Sartharion (25 man). We'd previously heard of people getting by with as few as 10 players, so we decided to give it a shot, having nothing better to do. We discovered (and this is really what we want to share) that this is very easy, and very worthwhile for the 10-man guilds out there.

Overall, the trash is just as hard and long as Sartharion, so you'll need some patience, but since there is no enrage timer, if you have raiders that can, for 12 minutes or so, not stand in Void Zones and avoid the churning lava walls, you can easily do this.

Group comp: 2 tanks, 2 healers, 6 DPS.

Tanks: 1 Prot warrior (Sarth tank)
1 Prot paladin (fire adds tank)

Healers: 1 Resto shaman
1 Holy priest

DPS: 1 DK (changes his spec almost every day)
2 Ret paladin
1 Shadow priest
1 Arcane mage
1 Laser turkey (5/5 points in Improved Lasers in the Balance tree)

Trash pulls:

On the 4-mob pulls, mark the female dragonkin as the first kills, Skull (and X if you have two in the pack). One tank will take the Skull and pull it ~20-30 yards away from the 2nd tank, who is tanking the other three mobs. We were initially worried that the Flame Orb damage from the flamecaster dragonkin would be too much raid-damage for 2 healers to handle, but this wasn't the case. The Flame Orbs still just hit for 500-600 on the melee, so overall not much of a challence. More important with a small group on these pulls is to watch for the Rain of Fire that the flamecasters will put on different areas where raid members are standing. As long as people watch for this, and the mobs are separated from the 2nd tank, this is not difficult. Once the first flame caster goes down, kill the 2nd flamecaster (if present, do this by taunting and pulling them away from the 2nd tank and kill just like the 1st flamecaster), or just go nuts with the AoE on the rest of the melee mobs.

On the pathing 2-mob Drakenoids, standard rules apply, but with only 6 DPS working on these guys, it's imperative to remove the Curse of Mending buff from them ASAP (100k healing every 3 seconds, I believe?). I would save my Shield Slams for immediately after they cast the healing buff on themselves to attempt to aid the Mage/Druid who we had clearing the Curse.

Drake killing:

When killing Tenebron, each egg cluster will have 68k HP if the DPS goes through the portal to kill the eggs. Good luck with that. We just let them pop as usual, the add-tank rounded them up, got a 5-6 second headstart on aggro, then pulled them next to the Drake and we AoE'ed them down. After this, we would have 10-15 seconds of single-target DPS time on Tene before another round of Whelps would hatch. The only requirement here is that you'll want to have at least one or two of your DPS able to do significant AoE damage to ease the difficulty here, or else you'll start stacking up Whelps faster than you can kill them.

Nothing else worth noting here, other than it will take 5-7 portal clears before you get Vesperon and Shadron to 0hp.


Walk up, and punch Sartharion in the junk. He'll keel over dead and you'll get your easy loots.

In all seriousness, this is a very easy fight with (as we all know) the exact same basic mechanics in play in the 10-man version of this fight.

The flame adds will spawn more often and have additional health, meaning that every minute or couple of minutes it is probably advisable to focus on AoEing them down (again, it's good to have at least a couple of your DPS with respectable AoE abilities).

The soft enrage seems to be spotty, usually occurring around 10% health, when anywhere between 10 and 14 of the fire adds spawn within 3-6 seconds. Two things we found helpful here (and these are only an issue because of the small number (2) of healers here): at 12%, all ranged and melee should group up around the Tank that is tanking the fire spawn adds. This facilitates the tanks job of picking up the sudden influx of adds so that, say, your wonderful but squishy Holy priest doesn't die. Also, the Sartharion tank can and should proactively use Shield Wall when the adds start spawning en masse @~10%, followed by Last Stand + Enraged Regen. This will completely or significantly decrease the amount of attention he needs while the large number of adds are being focused on.

It seems like throughout the last 10% of Sarth's HP, fire adds are constantly spawning. Our particular strategy was to kill the large number (10-14) adds that came out immediately at 10%, then focus-fire on Sarth, letting the add-tank just tank the fire spawns until Sartharion's death.

Requirements for sustained DPS per person/final thoughts and comments:

Our feeling is that as long as you have a couple good AoE'ers and some heads-up players who can Decurse the Curse of Mending on the trash, you can handle the requirements for Heroic Sartharion even with low DPS. Therefore, focus mainly on populating your raid with people who are not stupid and who can stay focused for as long as this fight takes.

The increased number of loot drops, as well as the fact that this is an easy way to (albeit slowly) begin working on obtaining Emblems of Valor, means that Heroic 25-man Sartharion should be on the radar of most/all 10-man guilds since it contributes greatly to the guild's progress. When compared to 10-man Sarth with 1 or 2 Drakes alive, the difficulty of 10-manning 25-man Sarth falls somewhere in the middle, probably closer to the difficulty of Sarth+1D. Therefore, we recommend that 10-man guilds should begin clearing 25-man Sarth as soon as they are able to do the 10-man Sarth + 1Drake succesfully, as this will greatly increase the quality and number of gear upgrades that the 10-man guild will have access to.

We are planning on attempting this with one drake still alive next week.


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