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02-03-2009, 07:00 AM
Meh, this was alot easier than I thought it would be. We took Sunday off for Superbowl so, for our raid group, we really had to hustle to clear at least the lower wings and we did. We saved Spider for last.

DPS is important here but we are lacking in a few spots. I finished above our hunter in damage done for the raid, for example. Anyhow, chain pull like crazy and we beat the time by a full 3 minutes.

Now....if we could only f-ing kill Sapphiron without changing in alt healers and cracking the whip on getting Frost Resist gear, we might have something . /sigh. At least we get to ROFLstomp his ass in 25 man every week.

02-03-2009, 07:19 AM
I wish there were more achievements like this. We had to tell everyone we were De'ing loot in 5 secs if no one rolled in order to have a shot. We kill fast enough, but everytime loot drops there's 5 mins per piece spent with

Healer 1: "Is this an upgrade for you, it's a minor one for me."
Healer 2: "Oh that looks nice but I think I have better, what about you healer 3?"
Healer 3: "Definitely a nice piece but as I failed to do any homework I'm just as lost on whether to roll as you guys"
Healer 2: "Should we roll then?"
Healer 3: "Sure"
Healer 1 Rolls a 68
Healer 2 Rolls a 44
Healer 3 Rolls a 37
Healer 1: "Ooh, I won, but it looks like it may be a bigger upgrade for you, healer 2. I pass."
Healer 2: "Yeah between the two of us, I think you're right. But Healer 3 is wearing a crappier piece than me. I pass too."
Healer 3: "Oh, thx guys"

Replace healer with dps when applicable and that's pretty much what our Naxx is like.

02-03-2009, 07:40 AM
You can kill the three bosses without looting and then go back and loot them. This is how we usually do the achievement, and chain pulling of course ^^

If I'm not wrong, the loot stays up to 1h in the boss, so it's safe to do it this way.

Hoping to be helpful.

PS: This achievement is so fun for me as a tank, chain pulling, stressing the healers just a little bit...

02-03-2009, 08:26 AM
I should add, this was on 10 man. If my pack of scrubs and noobs can do it, I imagine damn near anyone can.

Pro tip: as you set up for Anub, open your achivement UI and 'track' it. You'll get a neato little timer that helps you keep pace. Picking up "Mama Said Knock You Out" along the way only helps but you better have good gear and strong healers to handle it.

02-03-2009, 03:31 PM
This is great fun as a tank, just chain pull like crazy, if an AOE pack is 1/2 dead start running towards the next group and pull it. Other tips are to time your heroisms, do not use one on the first boss as the timer starts when he dies, pop one for the trash in the first room towards the next boss to take the AOE group and the mob pack at once (30sec into the timer), next one towards the mid to end of the next boss while doing "momma said knock you out" (5:30), one early in the trash on the way to the next boss for pack (10:30) and one towards the end of the final boss as he enrages (16min or so) and you should have a few min to spare. This means you need 2 shaman in the group.

And "no loot for you" for the entire raid, except the melee guy who was madly right clicking the boss for attacks while he died and auto looted and emblem by mistake, but they do still get yelled at for it by the raid. Master loot so the need/greed screen doesn't pop up and distract people either.

02-03-2009, 06:55 PM
Hehe it really isnt too tough. I was in 10 man nax last week, and we missed it by 1 minute even though we wiped on Widow because we tried the achievement and our healers failed. We had no wipe protection so everyone had to run back, and we still nearly made it, so yeah I cant see how it would be too tough with a decent group.

02-03-2009, 06:57 PM
You can skip quite a few packs on the way to Maexxna just past the Naxxdoodad door if you keep left, which can shave a few minutes off.

Muffin Man
02-03-2009, 07:00 PM
I always thought of this achievement as a don't wipe one. Not that I've one shot any bosses in Naxx lately other than Noth and Anub'rekan sigh.

02-03-2009, 07:01 PM
Yeah its the type of achievment where if group is decent and you dont wipe you'll get it. Dont really have to do any unusual strats, just be smooth and dont waste time.

02-08-2009, 06:00 PM
It's actually surprisingly easy to get. AoE galor, loot bosses after you killed the big spider and you win :) I think we did it in 13-14min last Naxx, pretty good group tho, AoE ohoy.

As for Sapphiron and 2 healers - it does more or less require resist gear with only two healers. The key to success in any attempt is dps, (well, brilliant observation professor, anyway) it might not seems like a dps race, but it's surprisingly easy to heal with only 2 healers because the damage is so predictable. A Druid makes a mighty good raidhealer here, just toodle around and HoT everyone up. It is however very taxing on the mana which is what makes it a dps race.

02-11-2009, 10:04 AM
We managed to get it last night. This was our second week doing 10m naxx together. Last week we cleared everything while getting a few choice upgrades for people, so this week I decided we'd get some achievements done. We didn't really zerg it, but, sorta we did. I'd pull a group and the paladin tank I have with me would go leapfrog and pull the next one. Then I'd move my group up to his and we would AoE them down. We only have two healers that come with us, and the extra aoe damage helps out (from not having a third healer). Resto Druid/Disc priest ftw. We did have one scary time though, ended up pulling 3 packs and a shade poped up. Both of the tanks popped all cooldowns and we came out with only the fury warrior dead. Rezed and moved on.

We didn't wanna split dps to dispell the enrages, so we got that achievement out of the way too. Just had the fury warrior and the paladin tank kill the adds while everyone else killed faerlina. Bloodlust/Heroism on engage of Faerlina and you should have it up right at 50 percent on Maex. We burned Maex down but the tank died at 25 percent from a bad string of no blocks/dodge/parry. So I taunted burned a couple cooldowns and we got her down and got the achievement.

Key points for getting it on 10m I'd say:
1. Bring two healers, one with Hots for web wraps. The extra dps helps immensly.
2. Don't dispell enrage on Faerlina, just burn her down asap.
3. Be efficent with pulls. Get a feel for what your healers can handle. Don't exceed it or you will be spending too much time rezing.
4. Bring some AoE DPS, its very important as you have to get thru the trash in a speedy manner and aoe makes it possible.

I don't know if its possible (I've never tried it), but if you can clear some extra trash before engaging Anub'rekan that might help with the timers.

02-24-2009, 03:07 PM
Do tatics for anyone that doesn't know before you pull first boss, healing assignments everything

Achievement method on second boss is faster if you can handle it, pretty much nuke on her, screw frenzy

Leave loot on bosses till later

Chain pull like mad, 1 room at a time is easily doable, 1 tank to 2 groups of adds should work for continuos movement / dps, lots of aoe classes :)

only 1 person on webwraps on maex else you lose some dps on boss, hunters are well suited for it for pure instant cast damage + auto shot almost instantly after the cast, SV works really well if you have one, apart from that anyone with instant casts works.

Thats about all we talked about for the achievement.

02-26-2009, 08:16 PM
Yup, definitely one of the easier achievements in Naxx. Get the RL to chuck it on Group Loot. Just Need for mains and greed for off set. Remember getting this achievement with 3 minutes to spare when we were still in t6/ sunwell gear.

Begin to clear the trash in the first room, but before you engage Anub, make sure you clear the spiders near the gate to the following boss. Saves about 20 - 30 secs of mucking around.

Blow Hero on Anub and grind his face in2 the ground. AoE clear trash like a mofo, on GWF, if you lack on heals to heal thru enrage, the OT assigned to the adds can easily solo one down b4 enrage and kill it for the silence. Otherwise, its a straight forward encounter. When you get to Maex, assign one ranged dps for cocoons and a backup in case that person gets cocooned. Only need 1 tank in here so make sure your OT gets in dps gear. Burn the boss down to 33% or such and take a web wrap. When she enrages at 30% blow heroism and go crazy, if you happen to take another web wrap, get the tank to Shield Wall it etc or a paladin to sacrifice him and bubble.

Abyss of The Syndicate
03-25-2009, 08:00 PM
As long as you can one shot the bosses you can get this achievement easily. When we did it we didnt even bother looting the bodies and just ran back after we got the achievement and grabbed our badges. Chain pull and sneak past the spider packs on the edge of the slime pools.

10-03-2009, 02:15 PM
I did this on my druid tank, leading a full PUG. We looted all bosses with MS/OS rolls and still got the achievement. We did not wipe, so I am guessing that is the biggest feature. As a side note, only one of our dps was over 3k.