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02-02-2009, 01:30 PM
I love my guild. I really do. Almost all of my wow friends belong to it, everyone is nice and helpful etc. However.....

I really want to start raiding again. But I'm only available a couple nights a week, and my schedule doesn't match the guilds. And while I am a very casual player in terms of time (a couple hours a night usually) I take a very serious approach to raids. On time, repaired, consumables ready, plenty of reagents etc etc. A lot of the others in guild...... don't feel that way. I once skipped out of work an hour early to make a raid, then sat around for 1.5 hours waiting for others to show up. Then people were screwing around, dps body-pulling trash etc. :mad: I stopped raiding for a while after that.

If this was a perfect world I'd find a guild that would let me run with them as a non-guildie. Maybe alt runs so I'm not hurting their progression. But I have no idea if this is a normal arrangement.

So has anyone ever had this situation, or am I just dreaming and I'll have to choose between playing with my friends and raiding?

02-02-2009, 02:09 PM
We have one guy who signs up and shows up for our raids atm that is not guilded with us. He is in a dormant guild with his old buddies and he's been fun to have in the raids. However, our regular members have started complaining with more frequency about "why does he get to go instead of one of us" and "our loot system needs to punish out of guild players more". Even if you find what you are seeking the guild in question will probably have to drop you from the raiding list eventually due to internal pressures.

02-02-2009, 02:18 PM
Way back in the days of MC and BWL we used to allow this type of thing. Granted at that point you were trying to fill out a 40 man raid, so players that could go on the given night were a premium. But my guild at the time used to allow about 5 players from a basically dormant guild to raid on a regular basis. They were basically in our guild for the most part...they just really liked their original guild tag and wanted to keep it alive. The internal pressures, if any, were squashed by the guild officers.

These days though, 10, 25 man raids are not as hard to fill with an entire guild group, so you may find it harder to find this type of situtation.

02-02-2009, 02:37 PM
Maybe you just need to up the ante in your guild runs. Fill people who are late and no shows with pickups, reinvite the good ones. Pull faster, explain less, post WWS reports.

An arrangement like the one you are asking about isn't that common. Usually it's that they need 1 DPS to fill in for someone that's late or couldn't make it, something along those lines.

If your guild just doesn't seem to have it in them to want to raid, find other ways to do it. You won't change people into wanting to read boss strats etc., that's very much something people either want to do or they don't. Not worth the trouble. Some will come around on their own, and some won't or will be inconsistent. It's people you are dealing with. Self starters make good raiders, that's really a personality thing more than anything else.

02-02-2009, 03:20 PM
We have a healer thats very close with a lot of our guildies and she runs a lot with the guild in Naxx. How are you going to invite a great healer for Tuesday, get her saved to Naxx for the week, then tell her too bad for the rest of the raiding days? That seems harsh. But I've seen more than a few guilds pull non guildies in for Naxx runs that span more than a night or 2. Like kolben said, its normally for DPS though, and if you can find a great geared DPS that knows the boss fights, why not bring him in and have him contribute instead of pulling the weight of a guildie who cannot carry himself? Plus, doing things like that provides motivation to get geared and learn the fights so the DPS cannot be passed on the next time. ;)

02-02-2009, 03:51 PM
I will admit I've not raided since the expansion. Been doing a few heroics and such, and I can hopefully talk them into changing the schedule around a bit so I'll be able to make the raids. We'll see what the experience is like this time around as we've had a ton of turnover since LK hit, but we were still wiping on Kara in the weeks leading to the expansion.

I like the casual nature of our guild. Mandatory attendance, getting yelled at by Rl's, raiding 5 times a week etc are not things I want. A DKP system and people who are in the guild only for teh lewtz are not my idea of a good thing. I just wish when people did show up they were ready to play.

I'm hoping I can get a solid group going for Naxx 10, then start pugging some 25's. We'll see how it goes.

02-09-2009, 11:58 AM
Our guild is a bit awkward in the fact that we are a 10man guild during the week, and this is just about guild only. We bring friends to that sometimes, but we do our best to keep 10 man raids in guild. We keep it efficient and clean, yet still have fun. A few of us have been playing together for 4 years now, but there are 2 that just joined our crew 2 months ago.

25 man raiding is much different. We currently run the best organized pug that dunemaul alliance has to offer. We clear Nax25 in 3 hours now, which is just as fast or faster than most of the alliance guilds on the server. We also run Sartharion with drakes, and have begun on Malygos 25. There are atleast 2 more 25 man organized pugs like ours, but I do not know just how organized/consistent they are. We are at the point now where we have about 18 people that we consider regulars, and trying to find those last 7 really good players to fill those spots consistently. Our last raid was on saturday, and we had 25 pugs signed up to attend on our guild forums, on top of our 10-12 guildies that go every week. The pugs we bring are treated just as if they were members of the guild. We don't do a DKP or anything for this stuff, we actually /random 100. If people don;t perform well, don't mesh with the group, don't shut up, or anything like that, that person is simply not brought to the raid again. There is no pressure, drama, or awkward feelings that might result if that person were actually in the guild with us(we are selective about who we let into the guild).

I am sure that if you looked around, you might be able to find a small guild with similar ideals and situation if 10man is your thing. I completely understand not wanting to leave your friends in your guild, I know that if my guild fell apart, I would be done with WoW. I am also sure that almost every server probably has atleast one group like mine that runs. There are a lot more small guilds out there as a result of 10m raiding being an option, and they have their members that certainly do want to run 25m as well, but do not want to leave their friends. If you have the talent and knowledge to lead a raid, you might start a group like this on your own, if you have dedicated friends who are willing to help you.