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1. 8% or 9% hit? 265+ ish, shouldn't be a problem with precision, 24+ish expertise (anti dodge from behind) 6%
2. crit should never be a problem with ret judging 3% and totems and raid buffs. keep going on ap, dps never diminishes with higher ap
3. this is debatable based on the server registering buffs that have procced every 30 seconds or so? but tbh i think i read somewhere that you are only losing 5% of what you spend in 3/3 armored teeth everytime zerker procs which is lol what it actually refers to meaning about 80 or so ap? for a 15k-17k armored warrior, where you gain about 400+ anyway when it procs? probably putting it on both would be another thing that needs to be debated otherwise, if you specced without armored to the teeth (which you should anyway) shouldn't be a consequence anyway.
4. no clue, maybe updating on your stats needs to be refreshed by reopening your char window or that is server time updating...
5. i've read up on it but either way it adds about 25-35ish dps, it's crit shouldn't matter but you have better in slot anyway
6. yeah,

/cast bloodthirst
/cast heroic strike

pressing it with enough rage to bloodthirst and you bloodthirst first before using up any remaining rage for heroic strike. pressing it with only enough rage to heroic strike and you lose the rage you need for a possible bloodthirst. just bind heroic strike to a spam button like 1 2 3 or something and your longer 5+ second attacks to different keys.

misinformation is so cool.