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02-01-2009, 05:58 AM
I've been led to believe that this guy is easy to kill. Half the raid were saying it as well. But try as we might, we just kept on wiping during the second 'wave' phase (i.e. the Guardians).

Now, the Raid wasn't ideal at this stage. People were tired, but we'd beaten the lag on Anub'rekhan (finally) and downed Faeralina and Maexxna on our first attempts so the group was good. Just not ideal, as we had 4 tanks in total (1 Death Knight MT, 1 Paladin and 2 Warriors) and only 4 Healers at this stage (due to a chain of disconnects).

Stage one, MT tanks Noth and each of the other three tanks grabs the adds from a bone pile each. Easy. Stage two #1, we AoE down the adds no problem. Stage one again is smooth, but then stage two rolls around again and the Guadians come in. We try to AoE them down, gathering them all into a big group to spam Blizzard etc onto, but then all the tanks drop dead and it's a wipe.

Repeat three more times, and we all call it a night.

Other the Raid composition (we needed five healers for that), what else could we do to kill him as easily as everyone says we can?

Oh, and yes. I finally found a group of people to raid with. Basically a joint venture between three small guilds, and so far it's working fine.

02-01-2009, 06:04 AM
Ideally you should focus fire the guardians, as they do a fair bit of AoE damage to everyone around them.

It's difficult to tell what was going wrong for you without more information, but my best guess based on your tanks dying would be that your four healers were struggling to both keep the tanks alive through the melee damage of the other adds and the raid up through the AoE from the Guardians.

A couple more healers would help, and perhaps some fairly rigid assignments - healer A on tank X, healer B on tank Y, healer C on tanks Z & Q, and healer D on the raid. When you're dealing with limited healing resources, the last thing you want is for there to be lots of overhealing and overlap between assignments.

Best of luck with him next time :)