View Full Version : Kazzak and Doomwalker

01-28-2009, 10:15 AM
Whats the best setup, with as few people as possible, for these two bosses assuming your doing it with at least a prot warrior.

Probably needs an OT capable person on Doomwalker cause of his debuffs, and a druid/priest healer on Doomwalker for the insane mana regen.

Any thoughts ?

01-29-2009, 12:19 PM
I've duo'd doomwalker with a paladin healing me, it's very boring. :[
Kazzak you can probably duo as well, you'll end up taking a fair amount of damage midway through though because of the perma enrage you'll deal with. (He stays frenzied after the 3rd regular frenzy I believe). It's not a "gib" enrage at least, just a volley and increased physical damage (30%).

06-12-2009, 06:46 AM
I've almost soloed Doomwalker before on my Protadin, cept I reset him at like 70% trying to drag him to Xi'ri, after i had blown all of my CD's to save my @ss like 2 times. 1.5 Mil HP is fun to solo >.<.