View Full Version : Sarth3D-10 ele-tank talent suggestion

01-28-2009, 05:58 AM
My raid has already killed Sarth3D in the 25 man version several times. We just had not the time to test it in normal mode until last id. After finally killing Malygos in 6 minutes we had two nights to try Sarth3D-10.

We did not optimize our group setup because there are several 10-man-groups and I did not want to take away their members.

Our setup was:
2 dk (1 tank, 1 dd)
2 warrior (1 fury, 1 def)
2 pala (1 holy, 1 prot)
2 priests (1 shadow, 1 holy)
1 wl
1 enh

The second evening our holy paladin had no time so we replaced him by a resto druid.

After a few tries some member respecced: the dd-dk changed from frost to unholy to support the caster, the holy-pala took bok, the holy-priest switched to disci for spirit-buff and better shield. Some others took other glyphs too so I thought it would be fair if I thought about a better talent build for myself.

Normally I use a 15/3/53 build for max-dps and threat. I used imp spell reflect for the Malygos fight but normally I use a very common build. I normally use Blocking, Revenge and Heroic Strike glyphs.

On the second evening I used this: 1/19/51 (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=LzZGVcoxZVItMx0zidcdsGo) and switched to Blocking, Cleave and Sunder Armor glyphs.

The ideas behind this are the following:
- I tank the whelps and fire elementals. I think warrios are perfect for this job because they can use shockwave and thunderclap pro-active and don't have to hope that the adds cross consecration.
- this way we have both improved warrior shouts to support the group
- I can stack sunder armor on the twilight drakes more easily - I just have to tank the first elemental beside the drakes
- I replace heroic strike with cleave in my "rotation"
- The one talent point in parry (Arms) was left - the other options were imp. disciplines and focused rage which I will favor next time.
- with safeguard I have another survival cooldown for the sartharion mt - when the dk has used all his cooldown I can hit shield wall and intervene him to save his life