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01-28-2009, 04:55 AM
Yesterday my raid group went to kill Sapphiron 25 man for the first time. I did 2 tries and died both times, so I asked to change tank, a warrior, and the boss died on first time he tanked him...

Needless to say I feel useless right now and I can't explain why that happened. Supposedly you can tank Sapphiron without FR, but I used FR gear (I had 236), by changing my cloak and putting one with a FR enchant, and using the Icebane belt (plus aura). The rest was more or less my regular tank gear.

I was still crit immune, I still had 102.4% avoidance, and my HP was almost the same (300 hit points less with the FR gear).

I did Sapphiron in 10 man with absolutely no FR gear...

I was told I was getting some 10K hits. Unfortunately my mods were switched off because of FPS reasons, so I couldn't cross check so I don't know if that's an accurate statement (and the combat log was long gone by the time I pulled myself together and I started to investigate what I did wrong).

My Holy shield was up all the time. I used two different trinkets, on the first try I used the dodge trinket that should show on armoury now, the other try was the block trinket (forgot its name, but it's the one most tanks use, which gives block rating on equip and block value on use). With the dodge trinket I have something like 23/24% dodge (I don't recall on top of my head and I can't go check on the armoury at present) and only 18% or so block (but with holy shield it's 30% more). While when I use the block trinket dodge and block go both at around 20%. Anyway, I used both set ups, the dodge one on first try, the block one on second try.

I tanked him as I tank any other boss and I hardly ever died at bosses, I don't know how comparable Sartharion is, but I tanked him the other week in heroic mode and there were no problems at all.

The warrior tank had almost my same stats, but he tanked Sapphiron with all 3 pieces of the Icebane set.

I got told different things:

"Warriors are still the best MTs." - I refuse to believe that, Blizzard has gone out of their way to make MTing possible for everyone.

"Paladins are weaker against spell damage bosses." - We have 6% spell damage reduction like warriors have (I think?), however they do get 10% "general" damage reduction from defence stance, we only get 6% from Improved Righteous Fury. But still...

"Healers never did that fight on 25 man, by the third try, when you asked to be replaced in MTing, they got into the rythm and they kept him alive." - Hmkay. I am not so convinced of that.

Is it normal that I get 10K hits? And is it even possible that I get hit for 10k with the level of gear that I have? Again, I couldn't verify that statement. Mine is almost the same level of gear the other tank had... aside from the other 2 pieces of Icebane set that he got. But frost res gear shouldn't be a *need*.

Give me some pointers, before I throw away my shield and go play another class. I feel kinda worthless :(

01-28-2009, 05:06 AM
His normal melee attacks hit for ~10k and wearing resistance pieces which offer zero avoidance seems like a bad idea. Looking at your armory and I don't really see anything wrong with your stats, good amounts of avoidance and EH, certainly enough for Malygos.

Most likely explanation is that healers had to get used to boss like Malygos who hits slowly but hard. It's also possible that warrior tank didn't realise to keep Demo shout and Thunderclap up until he started tanking.

02-02-2009, 01:36 AM
Thanks, feeling a bit better reading this. I did spec for my judgements to be the Thunderclap equivalent (but it's single target), though I never see any icon on the boss that tells me whether it's working. I don't believe the two skills stack.

But thanks again, at least I know I am not completely trash. :)

02-02-2009, 03:42 AM
I'm a warrior tank and I think this class is more comfortable and effective now than ever before, but if that particular boss required or precluded any particular class as tank I'd be very surprised and disappointed.

The fight is not about main tank healing so much as it's about raid healing, in my opinion, which is likely to be less informed than that of a good healer, I admit. I think if the healers are letting the tank drop on that, and neither the tanks nor healers are wearing junk gear, and the fight was new to most people in the raid, and you guys got it third try with a similar tank, it's likely that the problem is raid learning curve rather than specific failure involving you.

You do have a problem though, which is that you allowed the raid to swap you out after failure and then succeed. It's possible that this will result in your raid developing dumb class bigotries.

02-09-2009, 06:18 AM
You do have a problem though, which is that you allowed the raid to swap you out after failure and then succeed. It's possible that this will result in your raid developing dumb class bigotries.

I am fairly unforgiving towards myself... So when I saw we wiped twice because I was dead, I asked for a substitute. I felt I was ruining the raid's progress in their first 25 man Sapphiron.

Then when they went there the time after even the warrior died. So I just "sealed it off with a stone", like we say in my country.

Hopefully that showed the reasons were others, as in the ones you mentioned.