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01-27-2009, 06:59 AM
Ok, at first this might sound a bit odd, but I've been going over it and I keep coming to the same result. I thought I'd ask the forum what you think about it.

I currently use Monarch Crab and Greatness for my tanking set. I used to use Repelling Charge (with Rune of Sword Shattering) and Greatness. When Stoneskin Gargoyle came out, I made the switch.

My Monarch Crab has a +24 stam and a +27 hit. In fact, I use 2x +27 hit gems in my gear in order to stay at the magical 11% base (my tanking spec has Virulence). My spell hit is actually 11.17 in my tanking gear.

Gemmed as it is, the Monarch Crab gives:
98 stam: +63 base, +24 gem, +9 socket bonus
27 hit: prismatic hit gem

Grim Toll gives 83 hit. This allows me to regem completely by eliminating the need for the +27 hit prismatic, and 3x +16 hit gems.

+27, +16, +16, +16 = 75 hit

This gives me a gain of +8 hit and 4 free sockets (and an available prismatic). I also use a +8 hit/+12 stam gem to stay at/above 11% spell hit, so technically I'd be freeing up .5 of another slot (assuming it was gemmed with a +24).

Replacing all of those slots with stam, I would gain:

1): 29 stamina (+41, +24, +24, +24, +12 = 125, subracting 96 from Monarch Crab)

2) +/- 0 hit (+27, +16, +16, +16, +8 = 83)

3) Grim Toll (15% chance to proc +39.76% ArP for 10 seconds, 45 sec cooldown).

I use a deep frost tanking build which can be found [ here ] (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=j0EZGxxzGedMhoVosx0xh).

I also use the rotation of:

*Blood Tap
HB, OB, IT, BS (repeat forever)

It is important to note that my FS dumps do not always come at the end of the sequence. If HB is on CD, KM is up, and I have the RP, I use FS there and continue my rotation. FS eats the vast majority of my KM procs.

The build and rotation is very strike oriented. The only reason I start it up the way I do is because I want to use HB right away and get the damage bonus. Once I get Sigil of Awareness, I will no longer use HB except to eat Rime procs. I might just use OB instead of HB anyway with GT.

So, after all of that text, the question is:

Is it worth dropping the Monarch Crab for a Grim Toll.

The benefits are 29 stamina (so about 300 HP for my Tauren) and a 40% armor pen proc every 45-55 seconds (for 10 seconds)? I retain the exact same amount of hit.

It seems rather obvious to me, but I'd like to get a second opinion.


Side note: I may be specced differently on armory if I'm doing power runs through instances (where I pick up HCold). Gear may be ridiculous as well, as we were having an e-Peen contest on ArmoryLite.

01-27-2009, 09:42 AM
I would say yes since it's going to free up other gem slots that you could use for expertise or even stamina.

01-27-2009, 01:10 PM
It seems to be a good choice. My other option would be to put the +27 hit gem in another item, so I don't "need" the Monarch Crab for anything other than a stam trinket. Like, I could always keep my TPS trinkets in (Greatness, Mirror, Grim Toll) and when necessary (Sarth3d) I could toss in Gossamer/Monarch for a couple extra thousand HP.

Does anyone think that using Grim Toll is a bad idea?

I ask because it seems like stacking avoidance is just a waste of time. The more I want to get, the bigger the ridiculous investment (and sacrifice) I have to make to get anything out of it. I could use Repelling Charge (IBF boost and marginal avoidance boost), RoRepulsion (DR'ed down to 1.01% parry, and 3.55% on use), Defender's Code (for the armor, and the 7.50% dodge use).

Maybe I should take this to a different thread!

01-28-2009, 07:15 AM
This is always a matter of your personal balance of threat and survival. So long as you feel you have enough survival value for the content, you can and should feel free to buff your threat with trinkets like this.

Incidentally, stacking avoidance is not a waste of time, it simply feels like it. Diminishing returns does not make avoidance less valuable, it simple fixes the scale so that increasing your stat linearly also has a linear increase in your effective life. Because avoidance (like armor mitigation) goes from 0-100% (technically, to a lower cap, 75% for armor, 88% for dodge, 44% for parry), every 1% step is more than a 1% improvement in survival. Stepping from 25%-50% is a smaller step than 50%-75% to use giant steps. Diminishing returns makes it so that every amount of rating is the same value as the amount of the same size, you'll see smaller % increases but the value is the same, promise.