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01-24-2009, 06:02 PM
For the life of me I still can't get Onyxia down bast about 50%. I am thinking it's because of little to no Fire resistance, but I'm not sure. I have seen or heard some people say they use no FR, and others say they use 100-200 of it. I solo'd some BC heroics last week and then purchased the FR boots with the badges. That takes my defense down to about 544. I still was not able to do anything more to Onyxia. I am wondering, if I get yet another FR piece, will it:

A) Allow me to finally solo Onyxia? Perhaps with two more pieces?

B) Be a bad idea to be lower than 540 Def?

I see a lot of people use the block/heal trinket to heal themselves during Onyxia by deliberating hatching the eggs, tossing up shield wall and popping the trinket. That's great and all, but I have found it to be neglible health while I'm trying to get into the gave, run around and hatch a bunch of eggs, then get into a position to block everything, all the while Onyxia is attacking me and breathing fire down my pants. I generally end up with only a little more health than before the process began, yet during that time I was hardly doing any damage to Onyxia, so I hardly see the point in it.

Can somebody give me any points in regards to healing, Fire Resist, and Defense minimums? I also pop a fire resist pot just before starting the fight. I have tried soloing her with both a regular Prot build and with a Bloodthirst/Prot build.

Phase 2 is also very difficult, as there is far more manuevering, therefore the phase lasts longer while taking massive fire damage as she tosses fireballs at me and deep breaths I have to avoid. I'm frustrated, to say the least.

Also, about Bloodlord:

I honestly have no idea what is causing it, but since the latest patch I can no longer solo Bloodlord. I've been using the Bloodthirst/Prot build and killing him easily prior to patch, and now it's not even close. I had been hitting escape or targeting off of Bloodlord during his Threatening Gaze to avoid being hit by possible 3k blows, but now it doesn't matter if I'm attacking him or not, I always get hit (unless I dodge of course), somehow I'm triggering it every time even though I haven't changed my spec after killing him twice last week (there's no damage shield in this build, obviously).

The only thing I can think of is that Parrying is triggering it whereas I don't think it did before because as long as I hit escape during his cast and did nothing, I would be perfectly fine.

Also, Engraged Regeneration is pretty much a non-factor. If and when I use it, by the end I'm at nearly the same health as I was before. I don't know what's going on, but at the moment this fight is literally impossible for me now.

I am popping everything I can. I start the battle, pop shield block, bloodthirst, shield wall ... I keep shield block and bloodthirst on cd, use lifeblood as soon I'm at about 2500 life down. I try to keep TC/DS on the boss as much as possible. I use commanding shout the entire fight and pop last stand/enraged regeneration when I'm at about 17k hp. I use disarm. I have all the good tanking glyphs. I do not use bloodrage at all (unless last resort is up and my health is higher than normal cap) because I don't want to damage myself. And, of course, I re-use shield wall/regen/lifeblood as they come back up, usually getting them 2-3 times (last week, this week only twice if I'm lucky to live that long now). I mean, everybody else is doing all this same stuff, right? Oh, and I use a STR or AGI scroll, whatever I have in my bags at the time, as well as some food and pots, whatever is around.

I am just wondering if anybody else is noticing the same thing, or even if you are killing him are you ending the battle with far less health than you're used to? I'm doing far worse now than I did the first few times I ever tried him with inferior gear and a regular prot build.

Stat's with the 5/31/35 build:
HP 28k+ w/ commanding Shout
Armor 23.4k
Def 553
Dodge/Parry 40%
Block 30%
SBV 1090

If I were 15/5/51:
Health 27.7k unbuffed, 30k w/ cs
Armor 23.4k
Dodge/Parry 39%
Def 554
Block 28%
Block Value ~1340

01-25-2009, 12:36 PM
For Onyxia:

Spec for bloodthirst/prot (my current spec on armory has it, but it'll probably change by the time most people read it. 2/31/38)

Wear fire resist, and then just bloodthirst away. The bloodthirst glyph is also extremely useful as well, since it's +100%. The last stand glyph is nice as well, it lets you use it in conjunction with enraged regeneration every time.

That alone should be enough to make onyxia extremely simple.

As for bloodlord, I can solo him in my standard tanking spec of 15/5/51. I use a full block set to reduce the damage I take substantially and just burn him as hard as I can. If you had a bloodthirst spec, bloodlord would be trivial as well.

Your damage shield is triggering his guillotine. I never acknowledge it and just keep dps'ing him the whole time, I generally block it and only minimal damage gets through. Save shield block for the gazes if possible.

01-25-2009, 05:54 PM
Well, as I said I had been using a bloodthirst spec to kill Bloodlord in the past and had been having no difficulty in doing so.

Then I tried 7 times in a row and couldn't get him past 50% with the same exact spec and gear. With a Bloodthirst spec, I have no damage shield, so that can't be what's triggering Guillotine.

For Onyxia, how much FR do you guys reccommend?

01-26-2009, 11:55 AM
250ish is probably plenty for onyxia.

If you're having difficulty with bloodlord, you may be doing something significantly wrong. I can't see how you can possibly lose with bloodthirst, when I do it regularly without bloodthirst.

01-27-2009, 05:38 AM
I've soloed Bloodlord quite a few times. I use a Protection/DW spec (my standard spec these days), and wear my normal tank gear (T7) and equip the Medallion of Heroism (crit/heal) and Autoblocker trinkets.

I burn him as fast as I can, ignore the raptor (he enrages if you kill it), and I pop the Medallion as soon as I lose 1.5k health so I can pop it again later, and I use Last Stand + Enraged Regen as soon as I lose 30% health and I use Enraged Regen one more time (and am usually very low at that stage - 1k or so health).

Only boss I can't solo in there is Tiger (haven't actually tried, I've been duoing the place lately) and Hakkar. Tiger boss I think I could probably do with some good coordination, Hakkar... maybe with a Bloodthirst spec, I could only get him to 50% on the few attempts I made..

01-27-2009, 08:39 AM
Yeah, I was initially trying with a Deep Wounds spec and could only ever manage to get to about 20-30% ... then tried Bloodthirst and killed him everytime without any trouble. Just lately it won't work. My repair bills are sky high. Went back as DW spec, still same thing as before, and then went with more Prot points build and still didn't come any closer. I'm at a loss.

I'm trying with all specs, and trying both to ignore threatening gaze and go all-out DPS as well as escaping out of the gaze. Either way, I'm taking a lot of damage from it. Perhaps I'm just getting really unlucky hits and my avoidance random numbers are just not rolling in my favor? I dunno. All I do know is this was not a problem before and it's really pissing me off, lol.

Tiger is exceptionally easy, and doesn't take much coordination at all. All you need to do is make a mouse-over macro for using Shield Bash. You kill the tigers first, then burn each of the three NPCs down to about 25k health. Whenever one of them starts to cast the healing spell, you mouse over her and click your hotkey for shield bash. Simple. Concussion blow will also work, as well as shockwave.

Once you've taken each one down to 25k (I'd actually go maybe 40k for your first time soloing), then you just do a few abilities to each one and tab over to the next. Eventually you'll get them all to 3-8k hp and then repeat the cycle one more time to finish them all off one-by-one. It's quite easy if you put interrupting the healing as your top priority. And the healing is only done by one of the NPCs, I forget her name, but you could even make a macro to target her specifically, cast Shield Bash, then target your previous target and not worry about mousing over if that's not quite your style.

And, do what you'd noramlly do for any other boss ... start off with Shield Wall, use healing abilities as you need to, keep shield block, disarm, thunderclap, demo all up or on cooldown as is appropriate, but interrupt the healing no matter what happens. Easy as pie.

The biggest thing about the Tiger boss ... do NOT try to kill the trash prior to the boss! Just run through and don't agro anything, and fight near the hut (put your back to the hut when phase 2 begins, and do NOT fear any of the tigers or you have a high chance of pulling trash).

01-27-2009, 10:43 AM
Tiger boss doesn't take any coordination at all. The heal has such an obviously huge cast animation and cast duration that no macro is required. Just target the big glowing mess and do something to it.

I personally always kill the raptor first on Bloodlord, because I don't want that sunder stacking. I've never tried not killing it to compare the difference, cause I've never had a problem soloing him.

Orz, what's your gearset like? Do you have high block rating pieces you can swap in?

01-27-2009, 11:43 AM
For Tiger boss, I set healer as focus and use simple shield bash macro that casts it on "focus" and then switches back to old target. It's really one of the easiest bosses in ZG and you shouldn't have any trouble with it.

For Bloodlord, I pop shieldblock when I'm about to get Quillotine to soften the blow and just dps him down while ignoring the raptor.

Hakkar, he is bit tricky. You'll want to have every self heal you can get since while his melee isn't really a problem, all that shadowdamage will drain you out eventually (spyglass is a must, in my opinion). I tried by using the poison but it didn't really seem to have much impact other than making the job just that much more complicated. I've just killed him once and on that time I had couple elixirs with me that increase max hp and regen small amount of health which seems to be helpful as fight is rather long. I haven't really bothered to kill him again since I got the quest done and just doing ZG for mounts.

You don't need Bloodthirst spec to clear ZG, standard raid tanking spec without DW worked out just fine.

01-27-2009, 07:19 PM
Orz, what's your gearset like? Do you have high block rating pieces you can swap in?

If I were 15/5/51:
Health 27.7k unbuffed, 30k w/ cs
Armor 23.4k
Dodge/Parry 39%
Def 554
Block 28%
Block Value ~1340

I should also have new epic boots that push me up to almost 1400 ... tried again as regular prot build, got annihilated.

For Bloodlord, I pop shieldblock when I'm about to get Quillotine to soften the blow and just dps him down while ignoring the raptor.

The problem is that his Gaze happens a LOT ... I have seen three gazes in a row, seperated only by a few seconds. So, yeah, I can pop it on gaze every now and then, but that's a whole lot of shield blocks you're letting go, and I think not saving you much health in the long run. I have tried that though, it just hasn't made a difference and I feel bad not keeping shield block on CD. Either way, doesn't make a difference.

I'm gonna switch back to Bloodthirst one more time tomorrow and give him a few goes, see what happens. Maybe I just had a couple really bad days? I dunno.

250ish is probably plenty for onyxia.

WOW! Seriously??!? I'd be way below defense minimum for that, and probably getting crit all the time. Do YOU solo onyxia in 250 FR? I'd just like to get some sort of verification that that's what people are actually doing before I go out and try to get that much gear.

01-28-2009, 04:56 AM
If you keep in mind his level, you don't actually need a lot of block rating to get unhittable against lvl 63 boss. His normal attacks don't really hit hard enough to make it past your block, but quillotine hits way harder and popping shield block will also increases your block value by 100%, it's going to mitigate most of the damage.

Don't bother trying to stop attacking during Gaze if you're using standard tanking spec, damage shield procs count as hostitle actions.

01-28-2009, 05:23 AM
Onyxia and Broodlord aren't 63. They are skull mobs, and they count as if they are three levels higher than you.

Orz, being crittable against Onyxia is not a big deal -- her damage output is significantly lower than that of 80 bosses.

01-28-2009, 10:25 AM
Live and learn, I guess. I always thought boss levels were static since it seems like you're barely taking any direct hits whatsoever.

01-28-2009, 02:45 PM
Live and learn, I guess. I always thought boss levels were static since it seems like you're barely taking any direct hits whatsoever.

If you look at your defense, it just says reduces chance to be hit and critically hit ... it doesn't speccify against level 80 or 83 mobs. They'll still have a ~5% chance to crit you (whatever the exact number is). At least, that's how I've always seen it.

I think it's a bit of a joke that lower level mobs can get past that much armor and defense to actually crit you, it doesn't make sense, logically ... but from a design point of view that's the way it has to be I suppose.

01-28-2009, 03:21 PM
Well, was finally able to beat him again, and surprisingly enough (to me) without a Bloodthirst spec. I decided last night before going into work to kill the tiger boss really quick and when I logged on today I was still there, so I finished off Panther and Jin'Do ... and convinced myself to give Bloodlord another try. I didn't so well. Then I tried again, opting for the "kill the raptor first and try to outlast Frenzy until it wears off" strategy ... I did better, but not by much. So, one last try, this time taking off my Essence of Gossamer and tossing on a Medallion of Heroism, adding essentially an extra 3k health in heals if used twice as opposed to the Essence which is just topped off health. I also only used Shield Block if he was casting Threatening Gaze. It was a very, very close fight, but it worked. I was able to use the medalion, lifeblood, and enraged regen twice, but only shield wall and last stand once. I also substituted my Repelling Charge for my old Autoblocker.

I was surprised, because it was the first time I ever even came close to killing him without a Bloodthirst spec.

Thank you all for your help.

Onyxia's still on my poop list though. I guess I have to bear down and get more than 45 FR. Grrrr.

01-29-2009, 12:16 PM
Yeah being crit by ony would do nothing. Her flame breath hits for (a lot) and so do her fireballs, well, over time. Meanwhile, fire resist mitigates that very well, which is the vast majority of her damage :p

02-14-2009, 07:57 PM
Tip for bloodlord - Kill the raptor asap. Then burn him. 10x easier. No special gear besides ur standard solo block setup.

Onyxia is pretty rough to do w/o any fire resistance. P2 is a pain (at least for me, since I had no planning for how to avoid deep breaths or anything..i just winged it).

Dragaan_vs_Dragon.wmv Download File on FileFront (http://files.filefront.com/13281738) - Video

02-16-2009, 05:15 PM
Whenever I find time to do ZG I solo Bloodlord, Tiger and Fish boss.

For Bloodlord you might find it very helpful to use both:

Greater Rune of Warding - Item - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=25521)


Greater Ward of Shielding - Item - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=23576)

They enchant different slots, and are both temp enchants, so they don't overwrite other enchants. The first one is 400 damage mitigated every 90 seconds, and the 2nd one is 4000 damage mitigated at the beginning. Both are very very cheap to make and can easily make the difference.

02-23-2009, 03:06 PM
any tips for a feral druid on soloing Bloodlord? i can barely get him to half, i have some Heroic Blues and some epic peices 2 t7 peices, running a dps atm just because of the week... havent tried it in tank spec yet? any feedback would be awesome!

02-24-2009, 05:29 PM
any tips for a feral druid on soloing Bloodlord? i can barely get him to half, i have some Heroic Blues and some epic peices 2 t7 peices, running a dps atm just because of the week... havent tried it in tank spec yet? any feedback would be awesome!

Try tank spec and report, I think you'll find it a lot easier. I pop cooldowns early so I can pop them again and I'm generally very low on HP right before enraged regen comes off CD.

03-18-2009, 07:09 AM
To get to bloodlord, are there any mobs that you need to kill, or can you dodge patrols all the way there?

03-18-2009, 11:24 AM
To get to bloodlord, are there any mobs that you need to kill, or can you dodge patrols all the way there?

You can dodge everything until the doorway into his actual room - there are 2 mobs on each side of the door. I'm about 50/50 on aggroing them or not - you just ride in the middle of them, and if you aggro them, you kill them - they are easy though. Just annoying because they do a knockback, so make sure you always have your back to the wall so you don't end up aggroing the whole room as they knock you back.

03-18-2009, 05:26 PM
1) Thekal (Tiger Boss)
No aggro on the way, you can dodge all patrols, watch @ last part when you come to his zone - there are 3 small tiger cubs running fast over line where you need to pass, there are 2 axe throwers that you can dodge aswel, there is rest spot on left side, sit there and eat, buff, switch gear.
Boss +2 adds + 2 tigers
Target Shaman and put him on focus, make sure you have his casting bar enabled.
Start by charging any of them, I prefer either small tigers since they don't despawn, or boss since he have most of health.
Burn each (I will consider you killed small tigers or they died from aoe anyway) to about 50K
Switch to shaman every time he's casting greater heal, make sure you shield bash his every heal. Do it early so you can use throw if SB miss (odd moments but can happen depending on your hit)
After 50K each, switch to each of them and bring them down 10K by 10K, making every 50, 40, 30 like milestones, it helps a lot. Keep SW off CD for last 10K
They need to die together or they will rez each other.
Boss switch to Tiger - imba time for enraged regen (if you lost more than 10K earlier - you prolly used it already)
Use shield wall when he start his speed slicing, he will summon 2 tigers during this phase, they will die from aoe anyway too... Keep your back to the wall of his cage anticipating his force punch.
Kill - and loot... I got my tiger after 5-7 tries.

2) Mandokir
You can prolly dodge every pat on the way to him. Risky part is 4 trash mobs on the doors of his zone, you CAN pass trough without aggroing but sometimes not. Be prepared with more than 50% health to fight them. Move to corner on the right as soon as you pass them and fight there, they wont hurt you much but they charge so put your back to the wall.
Boss - kill his speaker and wait for boss
Remove bloodrage from action bar - it hurts your HP
Fight him while keeping DS/TC up as mandatory
Be fast to use Zerker rage as soon as he fear you (hint: use it AFTER you started moving - not before, since it bugz sometimes) (hint2: some people fight it on stairs so he fears you only up and down, I dont like it - up to personal preference)
Don't attack raptor, altho don't hesitate to use shockwave, TC, it will get him @ 20-40% after you kill Mandokir to easy finish him.
Use block rating/avoidance gear (follow Ciderhelm topic about hiting 102.4% avoidance, I got 82.5% in mine) 2 missed sunders from raptor in the row will make debuff wear off.
When you lose 1/3 of health (arround 10K lost) - use Regen IMPORTANT! - Make sure you don't have MS debuff
Use shield wall when you have most debuffs (don't spare it or use it early - fight don't last long enough for 2 anyway)
If your gear (avoidance, rotations and hp) is ok you will have time for 2 regens and that will put him in worse position and you will beat him.
Don't despair if you don't get him in first few tries, just keep on practice, it's doable in mix of nax10/25 gear without any problem.
No raptor for me yet, altho I stoped a bit after I got tiger.

General hints
Lifeward on spare weapon helped me a lot in first tries. (it's arround 3-4K health back over full fight)
Health pot/Healthstone is mandatory on first few tries.
40 hit/sta or 40exp/sta food is great for first tries.
Do it after raids when you still have flask up
Allways use Enraged regen with Trinket/Comanding shout/Last stand (glyphed is great for lower CD, it makes up for lower health gain)
Don't ever let Demo/TC fall down - it's absolute priority.