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01-23-2009, 12:33 PM
Greetings Tankspot,

I've been a long time reader here and from what I've gathered the maturity on these forums is much higher than the majority of other WoW related sites which leads me to my first post here.

Since I started WoW midway through 2006 I had only been in one guild up to late 2008 when it disbanded. I first joined this guild relatively soon after it was formed and throughout my time in this guild I saw it go through numerous "disbands" of sorts and also a high turnover in the GM position. However we came out for the better each time, mainly due to the strong social links that many of us had formed. To cut a long story short, we ended up progressing at a steady rate throughout BC, unfortunatly losing some core members of the guild along the way, leaving me the longest serving member of our guild. Come late last year a number of issues caused the guild and everyone who I considered an in-game friend went their own separate ways.

Although the guild in which I am currently in also houses many of the ex-guildies most of whom made up the core of my old guild, I just don't feel like I get enjoy the game in the same way that I once did. While I know that its highly unlikely to ever encounter another guild like the one I grew both in and out of game with, I was drawn here for the purpose of seeing what other people though; is it worth while trying to rebuild the guild structure that I once knew or if it makes more sense to simply move on to an entirely new guild and start afresh.

Sorry if I seemed a little long winded but something was niggling me to post somewhere. :)

01-23-2009, 12:41 PM
Its not uncommon for members of a once close group or good guild to try and reform. This comes from the natural instinct of.. "I remember playing with so and so and doing such and such. Yeah, that was fun." and "Reliving the good old days" sorta.

Ive heard of several guilds doing this, including one on my current server and that guild after reforming is one of the better guild on my server.

Alot of times it gives many players a fresh attitude about the game and sense of belonging when welcomed back into the original group, allowing them to play harder and help more knowing that they were valued enough to come back and help reform it.

01-23-2009, 01:04 PM
Not that long after the guild disbanded, there was slight interest in trying to reform, but that soon died down. Unfortunatly I dont see this happening as a number of the officers transfered to differnt servers, including the GM and his wife, that aside there is some bad blood between some of the officers, most of whom I was friends with, which ultimately lead to the disband.

While most of the other members seem fairly settled what Ohnoto said about reliving the "good old days" makes sense. Seeing as they aren't too old yet ex-guildies may well feel the same as me in time... or maybe Im just getting hopeful...