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01-22-2009, 01:50 PM
Iíve been spending a lot of time tanking Nexus and am hoping to get some advice on a couple problem areas:

Grand Mage Telestra:
When Telestra splits into Frost, Fire and Arcane Mages I am easily able to grab agro. The problem is, the mages seem to stay where they are rather then coming over to beat on me. If I donít have crowd control, and I usually donít, I see my only option as:

Heroic Throw on to the first Mob (pref. Frost Mage). This will silence it and get it to come to me.
Warbringer the second mob (pref. Arcane). This also silences and gets it to follow me.
Reposition self to Fire Mage and Thunder Clap.
AOE Tank the 3 mages

Does anyone have a better way of doing this? It doesnít always go that well.

The Off Faction, Trash Mob Archers that are ďIced UpĒ.

These guys also like to stand off in the distance and blast away. Things are great if I have a Death Knight to ďGripĒ them. Things donít work so well if I do an LOS pull, they shoot through the wall and quickly agro on the healer. The only solution Iíve had is to pull them, run backward, and then use my warbringer. Doing so will pull the Rangerís out far enough to keep them from aggroing other mobs.

Does anyone have a better way?

01-22-2009, 02:53 PM
Grand Mage Telestra:
Tank the purple one, whatever the cost keep her locked down.
Have someone off tank one of them. A shaman, rogue, warrior. Whatever class that is in your group that can interupt at least half of their spells will work.

I like to CC the 3rd one. But if I dont have any CC I ussually bounce between the two using everything I can throw at them to interupt their spells. (heroic throw, shield bash, charge, concussion blow, shockwave, spell reflect)

Pro tip: you can spell reflect her aoe iceblock. This will let you keep dpsing her while the rest of your party is frozen and helpless.

Charge in. Once they go to melee attacks back up in small steps, staying within melee range, they will keep following you to stay in melee range. If you run away too far they will switch to ranged attack mode.

An alternate strategy is charge one of them. Then use high agro ranged tricks to keep them focused on you. (heroic throw, taunt, a well lined up shockwave)

01-22-2009, 05:16 PM
The way I tend to do it (mind you this prob isn't the best way to do it).

Once they spawn I Thunderclap to get some starting agro on them. I assign dps to take down the frost one (think that add only does some aoe frost damage, so dps should be able to take that one).

For myself I charge the fire one and silence the arcane one to get them both lined up. Use a thunderclap, shockwave and after just spam whatever I can do to incapicate them (improved revenge, Concussion Blow, Shield Bash, heroic throw). Spellreflect when its off cooldown.

I also tend to fear them once I have enough threat anyways. You can get them both lined up again after by charging one and use heroic throw on the other, but at least they wont be doing any damage for those seconds.

02-02-2009, 12:08 AM
Nexus is a fast easy run =]
as for the 2nd boss, its proberly the hardest of the lot. as was previously said, when dealing with her, you can allmost forget about the other two adds just get that purple (Arcane) add down asap, if you want to tank two take the frost and arcane, your group can play with fire and not feeling unless they just dinged 80. they just keep a eye and take aggro once arcane is down. other than that she like all bosses in nexus are somewhat a tank and spank, happy raiding.

sidenote. if you need a healer just show the mace they can get when you look for one and they come easyily :P, allthough not finding a healer for nexus is rare.