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01-20-2009, 11:13 AM
I've been searching the forums and reading posts, watching videos etc.

As the RL in my guild I'm stumped on how to approach this fight in 10s with any success.

2 weeks in a row we have had 0 issues with all wings and when we get to Sapph its nothing but wipes or our healers go OOM.

Paladin Tank
3 healers - druid/priest/paladin
6 dps - rogue/dk/mage/shaman/warrior/feral druid (ot but with cat gear)

My confusion here is do we ALL use full FR 3 piece set (except for the tank) or none at all? I've read some of the numbers about 1 piece working better but the whole raid doesnt have the set, a few are missing pieces.

I hate to have both our 10s groups get full FR sets made and then not use them at all. If anyone can clarify or possibly suggest a direction to go, I would appreciate it.

01-20-2009, 11:34 AM
Should be able to do it with or without FrR. I have never used more than an aura or totem, but experience varies as documented in many threads already:




With three healers, I would have thought FrR would be less necessary.

01-20-2009, 11:41 AM
We just cleared this last night after one night of fails and here is a few things we did with a similar composition. Put the pally's primary target as the tank and anything else he can control without making mana an issue. Split the group up to 4 and 4 (not countint pally or MT. Each group needs decurse players spread evenly so for you there are 4 (mage, shammy, and the 2 druids), with this the drain life should never be up but for a second or 2 per person it gets cast on. We did one frost resist item on each person, most chose the ring, and then a frost resist flask for everyone except the tank, and last is the pally's frost aura, this makes the constant damage very weak. Tank needs no frost resist as 60-70% of the damage our tank took according to recount was from melee and cleaves. With one group on each side of Sapph and with this we found him to go down fine. What was getting most people was not getting away from blizzards before they come and getting to close to the head and getting cleaved. Let me know how this works or if there is something else that your group is having particular problems with.
EDIT: Obviously one healer on each side to be responsible for his group. All party members need topped off at the beginning of flight phase.

01-20-2009, 01:14 PM
I've posted our experience in another thread too: we run 10 & 25 with full frost resist, except for the warrior tank. When I tank it (druid) I also wear full FR. We have no issues with the fight this way, as long as people dont die during the aoe explosion and make effort to run out of the blizzard. Also, ensure your druid healer + mage are decursing asap. We just have people spread out, rather than setting up positional groups with assigned healers, and we use three healers. I've found no need to overcomplicate that aspect.

01-20-2009, 01:36 PM
My group doesnt use Frost resist gear at all for our naxx10 group, our holy pally does however have the improved auras talent for the 40 yard range, so he puts up FR aura, our holy priest is CoH which helps alot and our 3rd healer is a resto shaman

we heal it this way, the holy pally is on me (Prot Warrior)... doesnt look away at all
the holy priest is 100% on the raid CoHing and PoMing, and the shaman is also on the raid, we also run with a ret pally, so the mana regen and the healing from JoL helps quiet a bit, the heals from our OT druid's imp aura is also very effective

for your group i would set the healing up like this, have the holy pally on you, if he can take care of keeping himself up then thats a bonus but you should be his primary concern
make sure that your priest is spec'd for CoH, it can make a world of a difference, and have him/her also PoMing the melee, the druid should also be just on the raid, unless your pally is struggleing keeping you up, then have him also keep a stack of hots on you

i would personaly have the feral druid give the inervate to your priest and depending on how your druids mana pool is doing either give the second to your priest aswell (we all know CoH is a very expensive spell to be using so often) or give it to himself

one thing we found is that the raid is very spread out during this fight especially for chain to hit multiple targets, because of this it is very important to take full advantage of the air phase when everyone is grouped up nice and tight, to top everyone off, spam the PoM, and Chains

although he doesnt like it cause it affects his final position on the damage meters (QQ), our mages first priority is to remove the curses, in your case it would be the druid, the curse is very important to come off right away

Aim to use your Bloodlust on the second ground phase... the longer this fight goes on the harder it gets

01-20-2009, 01:44 PM
Thank you for the fast replies and the links as well. I know we wont clear all 4 wings tonight with only 3 hours of raiding but thursday should get us back up to Sapph for attempts.

Subpar: I'm going to go with your strat and see how we do.

Rampagingorc: The last 2 weeks of attempts we have had the resto druid decursing but I think thats part of my fault in not having the mage cover it as a priority. Good call. I know had a few shots where our right side healer got blocked and they didnt get healed up fast enough, I'm not sure.

We'll see how this week goes with 1 FR piece and a flask.

01-26-2009, 07:17 AM
Sapph and Kel down :)

We went back in last night and after 8 wipes we finished Sapph and 2 shot Kel amazingly.

I really appreciate the posts with suggestions, as it helped a great deal.

01-27-2009, 07:52 AM
The tank can wear frost res gear (3 pieces) as long as they stay above the 540 defense min. I do this and it helps the healers if I get a blizzard on me (especially during the air phase).