View Full Version : Death Kight-Viable end game MT?

01-17-2009, 10:27 AM
When WOTLK came out, I was playing a t5 geared rogue and a t6-sunwell geared hunter.

I needed a change so rolled a DK, leveled to 80 in 4 days and right off started tanking.

Tanking itself has come easy to me, make stuff hate me more (ie threat :P)
and not die.

My guild, of decently geared 10/25 Naxx people have been working on 25 man naxx for three weeks. Thursday we took down kel on heroic and are now moving to maylgos seeing its all thats left.

I have Main Tanked every progression raid we have done, we run with Warrior,Druid,Paladin OTs. Each of which have t7.5 and could MT but most of which don't have the raid experience and common sense I do.

I was wondering and probably accually know but could a Death Knight main tank through endgame progression?