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Guild: In Silico
Website: In Silico (http://insilicoguild.org)
Realm: Trollbane
Time Zone: EST
Type: PvE
Raiding: Hardcore 16hr week

Our Recent Kills Are:
Sartharion + Tenebron

Our raid times are simply Monday - Thursday, 8-12 EST. That is 8 p.m. to midnight.

Classes we're ESPECIALLY looking for:
DK Tank
Holy Paladins

Classes we need to a lesser extent:
1-2 Rogues
1-2 Mages

Even if your class was not listed we are still interested in you if you're an intelligent, resilient raider.

ALL content has been cleared except for Sartharion +2 and +3

If you: are able to attend more than 80% of raids
If you: are able to be fully ready for a raid with consumables (flasks, elixirs, bandages, pots [not pot, well maybe pot], and general knowledge of all fights)
If you: are able to not only TAKE constructive criticism but able to GIVE it.
If you: have a hardcore raiding mindset, and are willing to put everything on the line to help progress...

Then we want you!

Please register and fill out an application now! In Silico (http://insilicoguild.org/)

Guild Leadership:
GMs: Moocat (Guild Leader), Hallas, Damien/Bigbully

Recruitment officer: Hallas (Beerform, Jhorzel, Theshwig)

Class Leads:
-Death Knight: Durablion
-Druid: Bearcattree
-Hunter: TBD
-Mage: TBD
-Paladin: TBD
-Priest: Moocat
-Rogue: Hallas
-Shaman: Varak
-Warlock: Kraltor
-Warrior: Eroth

All TBD positions are open to those who can fill the role. See a GM about it.

In Silico (http://insilicoguild.org)

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