View Full Version : Which back item?

01-14-2009, 02:05 PM
I've got the two from naxx already, but I like the badge one too... HELP!

01-15-2009, 04:05 PM

imo the badge one is way better than any naxx alternative. so i would reach for it.



01-15-2009, 04:07 PM
Badge one is nice, people have done number crunching and found the Naxx one to be better for some people. I say stick with badge tho. if you have them both try them both out and go with the one you like most

01-15-2009, 04:21 PM
Go for the Sarth 10 1 drake back

01-16-2009, 08:54 AM
Go for the Sarth 10 1 drake back

It's not a question of access to the backs, I already have them in my inventory! This is the only one I still don't have. I'm just cycling them around to meet my def requirement but I'm not noticing enough dps difference in any of them to identify one as simply superior.

Badge one is nice for hit rating
Sun is nice for the dodge
Naxx 25 trash one is great for balance dps
OS 10 one is awesome for the expertise

Damn you and your choices Blizzard! DAMN YOU TO HELL!

01-16-2009, 08:17 PM
Trouble making choices? I would suggest rolling some dice. Grab your dice, roll it to pick your back for that night!

More seriously, if you have any gaps in hit/dodge/expertise more than the others, you know which to plug in there. Otherwise, pick which one seems to be doing the best for you at the moment, I should say. Seems almost like a personal choice.