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01-13-2009, 11:43 PM
Hi all, Im new to tankspot and I have a query. Just a few days ago we attempted to down Sartharion. We had him at about 3% health and wiped after the 3rd try. Now, we are new to raiding and many of my guildies are quite new to the game so I expected as much but Sartharion should go down quite easy next time, they are getting the hang of it. Anyways back on track, just last night we attempted the construct quarter of naxx. We rinsed our way through all the trash (not much to kill I know) to the first boss, Patchwork. We were attempting this with 2 tanks and two healers. Paladin for MT, War for OT, Priest on MT and Druid on OT. I am fully aware that the guild lacks DPS, mainly due to lack of experience playing the game and I did expect to wipe. But not nearly as hard as we did. I believe we can do it with 3 healers once DPS gets itself together. Mana was a huge issue aswell, most of us are geared as well as we can be before raiding (atleast 6-7 of the raid members, MT, OT and Healers included) but we had only got the dude down to about 48% health and bang most people were oom and it fell apart from there. My main question though is this, I want to give the guildies something a bit less difficult but still 10 man raid lvl. So basically Id like to know which Naxx Wing/Quarter would be the best place to start? Patchwork isnt going down any time soon unfortunatly so the construct quarter for the time being will need to remain untouched. Any input would help.

01-13-2009, 11:56 PM
Spider wing is generally acknowledged as the easiest wing, though Maexxna can be rough at first.

Raz (1st boss in military wing) is pretty easy.

Plague wing isn't too bad either since Noth is a tank-and-spank while Heigan is about your raiders knowing how the fight works.

01-14-2009, 07:34 AM
You are probably better off with 3 healers to make sure you at least hit enrage timers. This would also force your dps to do better job on invdividual level, which is never a bad thing.

01-14-2009, 09:48 AM
I'd say start with the Spider Wing once you guys get Sartharion down. Spider is clearly the easiest of the four wings, and after that its up to you if you want the Plague or Military Wing.

We went to Plague second, since our DPS is generally undergeared and Plague is lighter on the DPS requirement than are Gothik and Four Horsemen.

Construct should almost always be last, Patchwerk can cause some difficulty, but Grobbulus is currently the most difficult boss in Naxxramas in my 10 man experience/opinion.

01-14-2009, 10:13 AM
I had a similar experience the first night in Naxx, and the guys I was rolling with weren't slack at all, but with no gear and just 2 healers (and potentially no replenish) it's just hard. 3 healers will make your life easier, do the other wings first, at least Spider and Plague.

I used to explain fights to the raid and it would take 10-15min of question and answer, but honestly what I did with Naxx was just put the Tankspot video of the next fight in my comment in vent, and everyone watched it right then before the fight. Most are under 9 minutes and everyone has a clear view of the same strat.

01-14-2009, 10:20 AM
We just did Patchwerk last night and learned the hard way about his Hateful strike and how the tanks and healers need to handle it. Both MT & OT need to maintain there roles(OT taking the Hateful strikes) otherwise the healers will have have a difficult time spamming the heals to the right ones. And I can assure you that's a wipe.

I'd certainly do the Spider wing first as others have said, I think for new raiders you'll have much better luck in there.

01-14-2009, 10:28 AM
Yeah I would agree that a new group into Naxx should go into spider wing first. The last boss in spider wing can be tricky but it is a good preperation for dealing with the other bosses in naxx that effect the raid with much more difficult abilities.

01-14-2009, 04:54 PM
/concur. Spiderwing is the easiest of the four wings, the last boss in there can be difficult if DPS does not crank it way up after the 30% enrage and the tanks don't know how to pop cool downs and increase mitigation.
As far as your patchwork encounter. You don't want a druid healer on the OT. The HoT's the druid casts will not cover the damage that a single hateful strike deals. Holy pally's and priests are the most efficient at handling the mana issues in that encounter. After patchwork though the rest of that wing is not as hard as him. Simply put patchwork is a VERY severe gear check on the sheer numbers that your raid group can generate. Heals/DPS and Threat. Its a VERY easy fight once you are simply geared for it. At the 5% enrage have your tanks pop every mitigation cooldown because the hateful's will start coming VERY fast.

I am a feral tank with 37k HP raid buffed and around 45% dodge when that encounter begins. At 5% I hit Survival of the Fittest, Barkskin, Frenzied Regen, my Offering of Sacrifice and my valor medal :P. Its real intense but so much fun.

01-14-2009, 08:24 PM
Patch is nasty even in 10 man raid, spam healing ftw to cover his hatefull strikes five minuet enrage timer woot but as long as you have the dps to cover its fine. as for sarth its not that harder fight tbh as long as your mt knows where to tank sarth and turn him right when fire wall comes your fine and dps have to be quick on the adds coz they cause problems if they are hit by fire wall they engrage so to speak and gain a lot more hp, trick is save heroism, bloodlust to last 10% of the encounter as he will spawn a fuck lot of adds and wont stop till he dead full nuke ftw. as naxx goes all these guys have all ready said exactly what i would have said

01-16-2009, 08:30 AM
After patchwork though the rest of that wing is not as hard as him. Simply put patchwork is a VERY severe gear check on the sheer numbers that your raid group can generate. Heals/DPS and Threat. Its a VERY easy fight once you are simply geared for it. At the 5% enrage have your tanks pop every mitigation cooldown because the hateful's will start coming VERY fast.

We're finding the opposite.. we have yet to wipe on Patch, but our group had a ton of issues on grobbulus.. Patch is a gear check, the rest of the quarter is a coordination check.

01-18-2009, 01:29 AM
As many have suggested before spider wing is your best bet. You can complete it even with 2 healers. Anub'rekhan requires tank and healer coordination more than pure dps. Grand widow is fairly simple as long as DPS follows orders. Maexxna maybe a problem. If you have a hybrid class dps such as a shaman or paladin, ask them to focus on the main tank. Their primary role is not dps, that is secondary. When they see poison on the tank, press F to focus on him/her and clense that poison off immediatly. If that means cancelling out of a cast or a dps move do it. It is much more important and makes the healers job a lot easier.

Then i would suggest going to military and taking our instructor raz. Its a tank coordination fight so its easier on the raid. Healers will have to watch the mc'ed understudies health plus jagged knife on dps. Don't do gothik yet. He is tough and is a dps check in many ways.

Go to plague, noth is a fairly easy fight. Since you stated that you have low dps in your raid i would suggest tanking him in a corner while the adds pop. Have OT keep the adds busy while you dps noth. Once noth goes into his teleport phase, switch to adds and down them. Try to kill him before the 4th teleport though otherwise it get very very hard.

Heigan is your friend. Its all about raid coordination. First time we did it, almost the entire raid except for me(elemental shaman) the two tanks and two healers died. He does very very little actual damage so healer will have no problem with mana and since you have a priest and druid as long as no one takes damage during the dance phase your healers can regen most of their mana. It took us 16 minutes to down him the first time when the only dps was me and i was running OOM half way through the dps phase and would just let my mana spring get my mana up during the dance phase and also watch the 5 second rule very carefully.

Loatheb might be a problem with 2 healers, especially if they are undergeared and dps can't down him quick. so your welcome to give it a try but i honestly wouldn't suggest it.

Having a third healer would probably make a much bigger difference for you. A shaman or a paladin would be perfect. Although another priest or druid would be fine too.

01-18-2009, 07:55 AM
I would agree with the posters above. Try Spider and perhaps bring yourself a third healer - or a hybrid that can dps or heal depending on the situation. Towards the end of the instance you're likely to want three healers anyway, so start that way and the dps won't get surprised by the enrage timers by the time you get there.