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So many Fbombs...

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First and Foremost, can we discuss this without dropping the f bomb? That doesn't support your argument to the slightest

Secondly i Love how you claim you know it all and ignore the statements i made that not everyone knows it all and then you choose to hold that "know it all attitude" as ones right to play the game. Seriously, who cares how hard a heroic is - someone has to start somewhere.

Third, heroic stratholme is not anywhere near the most difficult instance of wrath. In fact, its downright mediocre and in this case a caster class would probably have the worst DPS because the last thing he wants is to aggro all those lose mobs.

Fourth - Was it Stratholme daily? I mean come on. During dailies EVERYONE tries and you know what more power to them.

Lastly - Its a game. If you don't like to pug, don't. If you do pug, make the best of it. If you can't do that. Put down the game

BTW I've NEVER had a four hour wipefest on a pug.

Be proud of your self mr Elitest :p

I already answered your first statement to Tatt, I use harsh language, its an idiosyncrasy, get the fuck over it. You want to think me less intelligent because of my choice of language your fucking problem and loss.

Second, never EVER claimed to know it all, but but hey, if you want to think it my ego will allow it. I'm bitching about knowing something about a goddamned fight that you shouldn't be doing straight up on heroic unless you've either done it before and understand how it works, or have enough experience to fucking adapt on the fly, some scrub fresh off the boat shouldn't be in there, and stating the fact that you aren't going to deal with that fucking fight with people who obviously aren't ready is hardly elitist, its common fucking sense.

Third, we're talking heroic UP here, not Strat, where did this get to be talking about Strat? Thanks for failing and try again.

I don't care if it was the daily, in fact I think its completely retarded how some people will ignore easy badges where they can actually learn to play, and get real fucking gear instead of the crapsicles they're using just because they can "get 2 more badges." Completely disregarding the entire time that they could have run 3 easy heroics in the time it took to wipefest and not even make it past Skadi. It takes all of 3 minutes max to find some kind of ranking on how hard stuff is. Again this is basic common sense coming out, if you aren't going to put the barest research into this game, why the hell do I want to help you get better gear anyway?

I don't like pugging that much and usually I don't do it, but I really REALLY fucking hate people like you who use the excuse that "its a game" to rationalize why they or someone else sucks. Yes its a game, but I don't like wasting hours of my time when I could be doing something actually you know more entertaining, like maybe ramming a railroad spike up my urethra or bashing my face against a brick wall, instead of trying to escort 4 retards through someplace they shouldn't be.

Lastly, way back when I was a scrub tank, at least in WoW myself, hitting 70, the one time I dragged my group down as bad as some of the people I see pugging it, I had the goddamned courtesy to fucking offer to leave myself, none of this "I'm gonna coast on someone elses hard work and get shit I don't deserve," crap.

PS: 4 hour wipefest comes from a multitude of combinations of 3 retarded DPS doing less than me on single target boss fights not being able to understand the simple directions of "grab spear, click gun when emote pops up across the center of your screen and stay out of the goddamned fog" fast enough for the healer not to run OOM and taking longer than most raid boss fights. Average attempt on that was 6 and a half minutes per gauntlet, not much I can do about them being terribad. And the healers I had weren't great either, I did everything I fucking could.

Edit: Oh one last thing, I've never ever shown up to a group, especially heroic groups as badly geared as some of these fucking people are. I'd be goddamned embarassed to not put any effort into my character, instead of trying to skate by like I'm fucking entitled to anything and everything just because I managed the magical feat of getting to 80. I don't expect everybody to go to the lengths I do, but you know what, a little effort is common fucking courtesy, and if you aren't going to have that, well then I hope you get what you deserve, 4 other retards like yourself who end up wiping on trash and never getting to a boss.