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01-12-2009, 09:25 AM
Is it me ore are there verry few good rare plate items that have a + on parry and dodge ore even def.
Ok crafted there are some things but they are green except for the saronite but that's lvl 76+.
From 70 too 80 there's not allot of nice tankgear...?

Even Heroics yield only a few tanking items??

Naxx does have some good items tho but to get there...

01-12-2009, 09:30 AM
currently pre naxx you will find several high Def items out of reps (Wyrmrest + Argent Crusade) as well as out of heroics (VH: Legs, AN:Belt, OK:Bracers, GD:Gloves, CoT(Strat): Shield, UP: Sword, Nexus: Helm... so on and so forth). There is a neck available from badges.

As for dodge and parry rating, to be brutally honest with raiding at it's current siuation stacking avoidance isn't particularly necessary and you can do naxx to get the avoidance gear well before you need it.

01-12-2009, 09:32 AM
btw there are numerous guides stickied to the parent forum to this thread which will help you find the gear you need :)

01-12-2009, 09:40 AM
Your avoidance isn't gonna be too great until a higher gear level, I had issues at first looking at my low avoidance. However, you can still find defense and dodge on a lot of gear, both crafted and heroic drops.

The JC Ring has dodge and defense on it, the Keystone Greatring has a crapton of dodge on it, BOE Signet of the Accord has parry and defense on it, and there are lots of various blue rings with defense rating.

For trinkets you can get the one out of normal HoL for defense rating.

The blacksmithing helm has defense on it.

The badge neck has dodge and defense.

T7 chest has dodge and defense on it.

Wyrmrest Honored cloak has defense on it.

Bracers from Heroic Old Kingdom have defense and parry on them.

T7 gloves have parry and defense.

Belt from Heroic AN has defense and dodge.

Legs from Heroic VH have defense.

Boots from Heroic Old Kingdom have defense and dodge.

There is a quest weapon and a couple of heroic weapons with defense on them. Plus the penultimate Heroic Weapon, the Red Sword of Courage (which I hate for never dropping)

Titansteel Shield wall has a high defense rating on it.

Just about every slot there you can get something from heroics with defense and avoidance on them. You just gotta look. You can't just hit 80 and expect to hit the first raid instance. Tank a couple of normal instances, tank some heroics. Get some badges and run the ones with good tanking loot. Like I said, its not too hard to find anything if you look hard enough. And all but 5 of those can be gotten through hard work and farming, and no luck of the drop.

01-12-2009, 03:37 PM
Ah ok.

But do you guys look on wowarmory.com?
A few of those items you mentioned don't list there?
Which site is best for gearchecking?

Thanks for the tips btw awesome! =D
Got it printed next too my keyboard :)

01-13-2009, 04:07 PM
Honestly I was bored one night and couldn't play for some reason or another when I did it. But I went to wowhead right when I hit 80 and I browsed. A lot. I checked every heroic dungeon for tank drops. I made a little excel document with links, stats of each, place to find it, where it rated on how badly I wanted to get it, and so forth. I also checked the badge vendor, rep vendors, and crafted such. I used all these in conjunction with Demog's guide here.

After I did most of my gearing up and my guild was preparing for our first 10 man Naxx run, I checked every boss in 10 man Naxx for gear upgrades and planned what I wanted and whether it was sidegrade, downgrade, or upgrade. This helped me be prepared every time we downed a boss where possible tank loot dropped, whether I wanted it or not.

So the short version is: I use WoWhead and lots of boredom to look up gear.