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Does any else find that prot warriors scale horribly? I remember when I first hit 80 with other tanking classes. I started off a little of head of them tanking wise but as i gear up, i realize the only change I have realize for my character is more health and a little more survivability. And I like to think my gear is very nice right now. There isnt that much better in the game. My threat generation has barely increased at all compared to my pally and druids tanks that are equally geared. The pally's started off with less health but with gear ended up with the same and eventually they will pull ahead. Their threat generation is out of this world on single and multimob pulls. I have to use everything in my bag of tricks just to stay ahead of a pally tank on a single mob pull and with a multimob god help us. Their dps is crazy to. In nax pally tanks get up 3k dps. And i'm not talking bout the gimmicked bosses either. Druids tanks are the same huge dps when they have a little gear. When I have some dps doing 4k+ dps and i'm hanging on my teeth to keep aggro and a pally tank comes in and 2 seconds later pulls aggro it tells me something is wrong. At least pre-wotkl I knew I could at the very least hold on to a single mob like no one else even though I could multi tank. Now my multitanking skills are mediocre comparatively and my single target or on par or sub.
So my question is what am i missing? My threat rotation is with a pull I heroic throw charge TC SW and sheildslam and revenge and depending on the fight heroic strike and i use devestate when the other 2 or on CD. I also throw in a concussion blow and extra heroic throws when the others are on CD.
The way i see it I they made some nice changes to us that are great for low gear level players but at a certain point the DPS and other tanking classes out scale you by a lot. Please feel free to armory me and post comments bout my spec or gear/enchants if you think there is something I could change:
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Arathor&n=Carchian)
and my normal weapon I use which isnt there is the slayer of the lifeless with accuracy enchant.

02-05-2009, 06:04 PM
yeah, i feel the same way.