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01-10-2009, 05:33 AM
Hi yall, first post here on tank spot.

So my guild attempted Sartharion 10 man with 3 drakes up. We used the 3 tank 2 heal strategy. We didn't down him (or i wouldn't be here asking for help :p ) But i thought if any of yall had any tips for me that would be great.

I am our Fire Spawn / Whelp tank, and I'd like any tips possible to be able to pick up the whelps. I have Libram of Resurgence, but that just dosent seem to do it. My only problem was that when the whelps would spawn, a few of the whelps would spawn not even close to my concecration and then i would have to pick them up. This sometimes resulted in heals quickly dieing if i couldnt pick them up fast enough, or me getting hit by a lava wave cause i was more focused on picking up the whelps. As well, any tips where i should be tanking the adds? Anyway, thanks ahead for any tips.

01-11-2009, 09:02 AM
im think the whelps will always spawn fromt he portal.
we always use a DK tankthat will pick them up (i guess with death and decay) and will tank them right behind the twilight drakes so he can pestilance off them for the devouring plague to help kill them a little faster as well as the splash dmg from WW concecrate divine storm etc. we are usually very vocal if any of the healers (which is usually the shaman lolchainhealaggro) have a blaze on them and i will make sure not to Tclap or anything if i notice a blaze pop up near me.
also we usually call out very clearly either "middle" or "not middle" to ensure that people move to the correct place since theres a lot going on (especially for healers) and one less thing for them to have to worry about is good. i usually call the waves out since tanking the twilight drakes is pretty easy mode and slightly boring.

01-14-2009, 04:53 PM
I have Libram of Resurgence...

This is basically junk. Check out the comments on the wowhead link for the math but it adds almost nothing to your aoe threat.

Much to my chagrin I'm the "add tank" for this fight as well so I may be able to help some.

First, where are the drake and Sarth being tanked? I've generally found it most helpful to stand near the Sarth side where the normal melee gap appears so that you can move quickly if the flame wall requires that you move. Face your camera across the platform area so I can see the entire area (towards the wall where the flame wall would be coming from that would require you to move. The problem that you're probably facing is not being able to pick them up fast enough - not loosing them once you've got them.

You've got several tools available for you to pull them to you. If necessary, and we usually do this, have two tanks (possibly a druid who can switch to cat later) gather up the adds together. Also, have the hunter MD to you if possible.

Remember as well that your RD taunt is on a 8 sec. CD. This should allow you to pick up the adds quickly when they spawn. Moreover, you've got your AS. Use them both.

Finally, try not to move the adds until you have to. Bring the adds to you (via RD) rather than moving to them. As long as you're moving the elementals they aren't in your consecrate (i.e. not building threat on them).

And PS. Careful with your taunt or you may grab one of the drakes or Sarth (who is tauntable).


01-22-2009, 10:33 AM
i have never downed 3 drakes yet. but i have devised a group of amatures that failed. currently im geared in 25 man gear and im hoping to pick relyable pugs from major guilds on my server.

innitially i watched a movie of 25 man sartharion done by fusion guild. using their video, sartharion is tanked to the south as they display. in 10 man:
raid comp would be
1 rogue, 1 hunter for enrage supression on adds
a holy paladin spamming
a skilled prot pally (hopefully me)
ranged dps of all sorts
a DK tank for sarth himself.
a disc priest
a druid healer

doing this comp. the first drake would land starting the fight. this fight will be 3 healers and 2 tanks.
your skilled prot pally (me) will make a macro that taunts off your holy pally spamming with RF up. doing so, he gets initial aggro on spawns hopefully.
prot pallies duties are to concecrate directly under the portals causing the whelp spawns to aggro to him, WHILE he picks those up, aoe's go out on the group. the positioning for this fight is critical. satharion will be tanked at the south facing west. your raid will generally be near sartharions back leg. 1/2 of my pug group complained about getting hit by tail swipe :mad:. welcome to my no call back list.. lol. the prot pally then picks up tenebron and drags him to the raid facing him toward the north as he moves the drake with his direction facing east or west depending on where the portal comes out. this means, your prot pally is looking to hold whelps, non-enraged spawns, and tenebron. your dps nukes with aoe's and the healers will have 2 heals spamming the prot pally. your holy pally will have good use of beacon for most of the whole fight.
2nd drake would land and he should be tanked in a similar way, facing away from the group. when shadron lands, your holy pally will cast bubble on himself and hand of sacrifice as he spams you. 1 drake down. start up on shadron. forget the portals. after shadrons portal becomes inactive, u need to burn shadron very fast. heroism if u got it. when vespeon lands, shadron will probly be still alive. tbh, thats around as far as i got with 1 drake down.
the prot pally will need all the room when tenebron is alive, the rest of the fight, as long as everyone is behind the drake.
i would assume that when vesperon dies, the prot pally instantly dues hand of sacrifice on the MT and tanks the adds. then pain supression. then holy pally hand of sacrifice, the DK will know to rotate his CD's to take less damage. but at this point of the fight, the prot pally should only rely on beacon from the holy pally to keep him alive tanking the adds as healers spam the MT.

i have seen your malygos strategy video. its very well done. i have tanked 25 man malygos and found a boomkin to be very useful. once he roots, you begin to kite. everyone drops down out of hurricane and he instantly arcane breaths. i ping the map of where the spark is currently and pull him to the opposite direction instructing my healers to top me off from fall damage or i die. my record for malygos kills, i have killed him twice tanking him in 10 man but my guild was unable to complete 25 man phase 3. i got the shield :D my best raid composition would take 3 vortex's and he would go into another vortex at 53% with ppl spamming casts. 2 stacks of sparks on the ground and heroism up. he would be at 39% flying up. although they have fixed the bug that lets warlocks apply curse of elements.

01-22-2009, 01:27 PM
The main thing you'd need to know as a paladin is where and when the whelps spawn. Assuming your DPS is killing Tenebron before the second spawn of whelps (as they should be) the spawn will happen either during (:() or immediately after the second lava wall.

Position wise they spawn on the north side of the portal, slightly in front of it. Shadron should be coming down at around this time and its roughly parallel with him. You'll want to have a consecrate down just before the second flame wall comes, and rush back over to refresh it when the flame wall passes.

You'll might have several whelps get past you depending on healing aggro, just be ready with a quick RD/Avenger's Shield to get them off healers.

As far as the flame adds go, just be careful not to slow them when a flame wall in eminent and always been looking for them. Also, when you have all those whelps on you, never let the mobs get behind you, circle strafe around if you need to get flames on the other side of the area. You'll get gibbed too fast otherwise unless you're burning CDs.

02-04-2009, 02:11 PM
from my own personal research i've heard having a holy palidin standing next to add tank healing with rightous fury should pull the adds to one spot. that should make taunting all the adds alot easier and keep them from peacing your shamans or priests. hope this helps