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Instances are all about teamwork, if people are contributing so little that they're hindering success rather than helping it, they shouldn't be there, if it's the whole group that isn't contributing, it's not worth your time to stay. That's not elitist for you to think so, it's clueless and/or selfish of them if they think otherwise. Your time is precious, don't let people waste it unnecessarily.

That being said, opening up with a statement like what you're referring to is going to make you sound like an elitist jerk whether you are or not. It's essentially saying, "I'm so awesome that you're all going to have to prove that you're good enough to party with me."

I call bullshit, you are not an elitist jerk if you took took the time to grind the gear out, the rep, and the gold for gear enhancements and people knowing damn well they do not belong in a heroic in the first place try to put everything on the tank and healer to carry their lazy ass through an instance ala ezmode loot, I'm to the point if after the 3rd pull they are not doing at least 1kdps they are gone ( which ain't asking the impossible and not a very high standard), they need to go back to the reg dungeons and grind some gear or whatever til they can some what carry their own weight.

OP yeah in the same boat when guildies are busy and I want to run a heroic, I will not waste the time to armory someone beforehand, they do get the benefit of the doubt in a sense, but I' am not going to ask 2-3 other people to lead someone who does not deserve to be there by the nose plain and simple....not like I'm expecting the impossible, they learn their class, spec it, learn a fair rotation they should do fine, and I know it is not always a question of gear, plenty of epic failures out there who have been given the gear they equip.

If you feel so charitable with your time feel free to run all the scrubs you want......no really please!? haha