View Full Version : LF Info on Nexus - Anomalus - Arcane Attraction

01-09-2009, 07:45 PM
Hi all, I've just done a rather painful Nexus run, and had a *lot* of trouble with the Anomalus boss. Looking through Recount, we often saw people taking ~2200 damage a tick from the rift lightning, which seemed stupidly high (e.g. a rogue taking ~16k damage in 4 seconds). I then looked on Wowhead, and can see that Anomalus has an ability called Arcane Attraction:

Arcane damage taken increased by 2000.

I figure people were getting this on them then taking massive damage. What I can't find out is when he casts this and if it can be prevented (not just dispelled).

Anyone have any info on this at all? It didn't seem to happen when our druid MT took over to get us through the fight, so I'd like to know if something I was / wasn't doing was causing it.