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01-08-2009, 07:42 PM
I went through the realms and found some info on them. I did it because my brother is facing 1500 Q's and is looking to transfer realms. Maybe this can prove useful to some of you as well.

Sorry about the bad formatting but it didn't copy over well. The format is:

Realm Name_Time Zone_Realm Type_Population rating at 9:30 EST

Realms Updated: 1/8/2008

Aegwynn CST PVP Low
Aerie Peak PST PVE Locked
Agamaggan CST PVP Low
Aggramar CST PVE Locked
Akama CST PVP Medium
Alexstrasza CST PVE Locked
Alleria CST PVE Locked
Altar of Storms EST PVP Medium
Alterac Mountains EST PVP Low
Aman'Thul Oceanic PVE Full
Andorhal EST PVP Medium
Anetheron EST PVP Low
Antonidas PST PVE Locked
Anub'arak EST PVP Low
Anvilmar PST PVE Medium
Arathor PST PVE Full
Archimonde CST PVP Medium
Area 52 EST PVE Locked
Argent Dawn EST RP Locked
Arthas EST PVP Locked
Arygos EST PVE Locked
Auchindoun EST PVP Medium
Azgalor CST PVP Medium
Azjol-Nerub MST PVE Locked
Azshara EST PVP Low
Azuremyst PST PVE Locked
Baelgun PST PVE Full
Balnazzar CST PVP Low
Barthilas Oceanic PVP Full
Black Dragonflight EST PVP Medium
Blackhand CST PVE Locked
Blackrock PST PVP Full
Blackwater Raiders PST RP Medium
Blackwing Lair PST PVP Low
Bladefist PST PVE Medium
Blade's Edge PST PVE High
Bleeding Hollow EST PVP Locked
Blood Furnace CST PVP Low
Bloodhoof EST PVE Locked
Bloodscalp MST PVP Medium
Bonechewer PST PVP Locked
Boulderfist PST PVP Locked
Bronzebeard PST PVE High
Burning Blade EST PVP Locked
Burning Legion CST PVP Locked
Caelestrasz Oceanic PVE Medium
Cairne CST PVE Medium
Cenarion Circle PST RP Locked
Cenarius PST PVE Locked
Cho'gall CST PVP Locked
Chromaggus CST PVP Low
Coilfang PST PVP Recommended
Crushridge PST PVP Medium
Daggerspine PST PVP Medium
Dalaran EST PVE Locked
Dalvengyr EST PVP Low
Dark Iron PST PVP Locked
Darkspear MST PVP Medium
Darrowmere PST PVP Low
Dath’Remar Oceanic PVE Full
Dawnbringer CST PVE Locked
Deathwing MST PVP Medium
Demon Soul EST PVP Medium
Dentarg EST PVP Low
Destromath PST PVP Locked
Dethecus PST PVP Low
Detheroc CST PVP Medium
Doomhammer MST PVE Locked
Draenor PST PVE Locked
Dragonblight PST PVE Locked
Dragonmaw PST PVP Locked
Draka CST PVP High
Drakkari CST PVP New
Drak'Tharon CST PVE Low
Drak'thul CST PVP Low
Dreadmaul Oceanic PVP Low
Drenden EST PVE Medium
Dunemaul PST PVP Locked
Durotan EST PVE Locked
Duskwood EST PVE Locked
Earthen Ring EST RP Locked
Echo Isles PST PVE Medium
Eitrigg CST PVE Medium
Eldre'Thalas EST PVE Locked
Elune EST PVE Locked
Emerald Dream CST RP-PVP Locked
Eonar EST PVE Locked
Eredar EST PVP Medium
Executus EST PVP Medium
Exodar EST PVE Medium
Farstriders CST RP Medium
Feathermoon PST RP Locked
Fenris EST PVE Medium
Firetree EST PVP Locked
Fizzcrank CST PVE Medium
Frostmane CST PVP Locked
Frostmourne Oceanic PVP Full
Frostwolf PST PVP Medium
Galakrond PST PVE Medium
Garithos CST PVP Recommended
Garona CST PVE Locked
Garrosh EST PVE Locked
Ghostlands CST PVE Medium
Gilneas EST PVE Medium
Gnomeregan PST PVE Medium
Gorefiend EST PVP Medium
Gorgonnash PST PVP Medium
Greymane CST PVE Locked
Grizzly Hills EST PVE Medium
Gul'dan CST PVP Low
Gundrak Oceanic PVP Recommended
Gurubashi PST PVP Locked
Hakkar CST PVP Low
Haomarush EST PVP Medium
Hellscream CST PVE Locked
Hydraxis CST PVE Medium
Hyjal PST PVE Locked
Icecrown MST PVE Locked
Illidan CST PVP Locked
Jaedenar EST PVP Recommended
Jubei'Thos Oceanic PVP Low
Kael'thas CST PVE Medium
Kalecgos PST PVP Medium
Kargath EST PVE Locked
Kel'Thuzad MST PVP Locked
Khadgar EST PVE Medium
Khaz Modan CST PVE Medium
Khaz'goroth Oceanic PVE Full
Kil'jaeden PST PVP High
Kilrogg PST PVE Medium
Kirin Tor CST RP Medium
Korgath CST PVP Medium
Korialstrasz PST PVE Medium
Kul Tiras CST PVE Medium
Laughing Skull CST PVP Locked
Lethon PST PVP Recommended
Lightbringer PST PVE Locked
Lightninghoof EST PVP Locked
Lightning's Blade CST RP-PVP Locked
Llane EST PVE Medium
Lothar EST PVE Locked
Madoran CST PVE Medium
Maelstrom CST RP-PVP Locked
Magtheridon EST PVP Locked
Maiev PST PVP Low
Malfurion CST PVP Medium
Mal'Ganis CST PVE Locked
Malorne EST PVP Low
Malygos CST PVE Medium
Mannoroth EST PVP Locked
Medivh EST PVE Locked
Misha PST PVE Medium
Mok’Nathal CST PVE Medium
Moon Guard CST RP Locked
Moonrunner PST PVE Medium
Mug'thol CST PVP High
Muradin CST PVE Medium
Nagrand Oceanic PVE Locked
Nathrezim MST PVP Locked
Nazgrel EST PVE Medium
Nazjatar PST PVP Low
Ner'zhul PST PVP Medium
Nordrassil PST PVE Medium
Norgannon EST PVE Medium
Onyxia PST PVP Low
Perenolde MST PVE Medium
Proudmoore PST PVE Full
Quel’dorei CST PVE Medium
Quel'Thalas CST PVE New
Ragnaros CST PVP Medium
Ravencrest EST PVE Medium
Ravenholdt EST RP-PVP Medium
Rexxar CST PVE Medium
Rivendare PST PVP Medium
Runetotem CST PVE Medium
Sargeras CST PVP Locked
Saurfang EST PVE Recommended
Scarlet Crusade CST RP Locked
Scilla EST PVP Low
Sen'jin CST PVE Medium
Sentinels PST RP Medium
Shadow Council MST RP Medium
Shadowmoon EST PVP Locked
Shadowsong PST PVE Locked
Shandris EST PVE Medium
Shattered Halls PST PVP Recommended
Shattered Hand EST PVP Locked
Shu'halo PST PVE Medium
Silver Hand PST RP Medium
Silvermoon PST PVE Locked
Sisters of Elune CST RP Medium
Skullcrusher EST PVP Locked
Skywall PST PVE Locked
Smolderthorn EST PVP Medium
Spinebreaker PST PVP Locked
Spirestone PST PVP Medium
Staghelm CST PVE Medium
Steamwheedle Cartel EST RP Medium
Stonemaul PST PVP Medium
Stormrage EST PVE Locked
Stormreaver CST PVP Locked
Stormscale PST PVP Locked
Suramar PST PVE Medium
Tanaris EST PVE Medium
Terenas MST PVE Medium
Terokkar CST PVE Medium
Thaurissan Oceanic PVP Recommended
The Forgotten Coast EST PVP Medium
The Scryers PST RP Medium
The Underbog CST PVP Recommended
The Venture Co PST RP-PVP Medium
Thorium Brotherhood CST RP Medium
Thrall EST PVE Locked
Thunderhorn CST PVE Locked
Thunderlord CST PVP Medium
Tichondrius PST PVP High
Tortheldrin EST PVP Low
Trollbane EST PVE Medium
Turalyon EST PVE Medium
Twisting Nether CST RP-PVP Locked
Uldaman EST PVE Medium
Uldum PST PVE Medium
Undermine EST PVE Medium
Ursin PST PVP Low
Uther PST PVE Medium
Vashj PST PVP Low
Vek'nilash CST PVE Medium
Velen PST PVE Medium
Warsong EST PVP Locked
Whisperwind CST PVE Locked
Wildhammer CST PVP Locked
Windrunner PST PVE Locked
Ysera EST PVE Medium
Ysondre EST PVP Low
Zangarmarsh MST PVE Medium
Zul'jin EST PVE Locked
Zuluhed EST PVP Recommended

01-08-2009, 09:58 PM

Not entirely accurate, but not bad.

01-08-2009, 10:05 PM
Stormrage: 6.8:1 Horde:Alliance.


01-08-2009, 10:09 PM
Interesting, apparently theres only 11941 players on Frostmourne, 7087 of which are on Horde, and I'd say about 4000 of that 7k I have on ignore from spamming anal trash in trade on a tuesday night.