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01-05-2009, 11:37 AM

I have been main tanking malygos 10&25 for 4 weeks now.
Last night we did our weekly malygos 25run for the guild before reset and i tanked it again, being a warrior tank i have nearly every end game item in slot but for some reason we were not able to even make it to phase2, the majority of the time i was dying in phase1.

i had 2 healers on me, a resto druid and a holy priest both with 2k'ish heals unbuffed. we then changed out and used priest/pally (inspiration buff from priest) but i continue to get dusted by malygos.

after 6 wipes for some unknown reason we determined we should try our feral druid since by nature they have more stamina and armor. we then one shotted it.

any idea why this would be, has anyone else had problems with a warrior main tanking malygos 25 recently?

i have tier 7.5 in every slot and 25m kelthuzad shield etc... feral druid has similar.

my armory is Doomjuice/Skullcrusher US

ty for the time and information if any available.

01-05-2009, 01:20 PM
Unless he is eating sparks, there should be no reason he is doing increased damage. Looking at your gear, I would say you're at about the same level as me, but using it in the wrong way. In the Malygos fight you should be gearing for health and agro. You have an exceptionally high block rating, which is kind of a wasted stat on that fight. A large portion of your damage is arcane and will not be affected at all by block rating. I can hit almost 40% block rating, but I only use that for specific encounters and trash.

I would recommend using a second set of gear specifically for high health/threat type encounters, prime example being Malygos. Your gear is better suited for AOE tanking in my opinion. Drop a lot of that avoidance and go stamina in blue sockets, expertise/stamina in red sockets, and defense/stamina in yellow sockets. If you have enough defense, forgo the defense and go straight stamina until you hit 30k unbuffed. Look at what you druid had that you did not and ended up with a dead Malygos, probably a lot more health.