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01-04-2009, 10:15 AM
DJ Cotts - Homegrown Hardcore As per discussion in chat box
YouTube - DJ Cotts - Homegrown Hardcore

01-04-2009, 10:19 AM
For Klimpen for being awesome

01-04-2009, 10:21 AM
At most points it's hard to believe that all his button hitting and knob turning actually does something.

Strangely I like this ...

01-04-2009, 02:14 PM

01-05-2009, 03:43 AM
Posted for the first few seconds of the mix.

DJ Ravine and a Hardcore Christmas
YouTube - DJ Ravine and a Hardcore Christmas

01-09-2009, 06:37 AM
DJ Cotts - Hardstyle Mix - I am enjoying this way too much. Its like the genre "hardcore" but is slower and harder. Much more aggresive.
YouTube - DJ Cotts - Hardstyle Mix

01-12-2009, 12:14 AM
I like Hardstyle/Hardcore/Happy Hardcore/Jumpstyle. But ultimately Trance is my favorite :)

Oh, and you can't forget the Melbourne Shuffle to go with Hardstyle!

YouTube - !!!Melbourne Shuffle Compilation 3!!! www.melbshuffle.com

01-12-2009, 12:16 AM
I was watching Listening to Dj Cotts live show before christmas and he mentioned World of Warcraft. He said that we should all learn to play a proper video game ><

01-12-2009, 12:24 AM
He was super cocky in some of his earlier videos :S He's changed a bit now and realized how much of an ass he was back then. I believe he made a video or comment about this somewhere, forgot where there :/

01-12-2009, 07:23 PM
check out REID SPEED, saw her on new years... dont know if it was the acid but she was absolutely AMAZING live. Queens of the Jungle :: Shortee, Reid Speed & MC Tali (http://www.queensofthejungle.com/home.html)

01-13-2009, 02:26 AM
Pretty good, though I think all D&B sounds too similar :/