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12-30-2008, 08:54 PM
World of Raids Blue Tracker

It's been a while since World of Raids has released a new feature outside of editorial content, so we're very excited to announce that we now have a Blizzard Blue Tracker here on the website that compiles all of the Blizzard posts from the official forums. This is directly influenced by a poll we held, in which nearly 20% of you said you visit the site for blue posts. We'll continue to monitor our Feedback & Suggestions forum, so please don't hesitate to make your voice heard on what else you'd like to see on the website.

A few quick notes on the tracker:

The number to the left indicates the number of blue posts in each thread.
A thread created by a Blizzard employee will have its title colored blue, so you can quickly separate the announcements made by Blizzard from posts they're simply replying to.
EU and US forum posts are noted by flags specific to that region so you can quickly see where the post is coming from if the blue name isn't familiar to you.
Blizzard employee names on the blue tracker are colored blue, and clicking on those names will allow you to only see posts made by that particular Blizzard employee. If you want to filter out all the random posts on the General forums and get to the meat of Ghostcrawler's posts, you can, and it's one click away!
On the post details page, like this one, you'll find the original post (even if it wasn't made by a Blizzard employee), and all of the Blizzard posts in that thread. There are also source links to the first post in the thread, and every subsequent Blizzard post.
Over the next few months we'll continue to not only improve the Blue Tracker, but also add even more features to the website. You can access the Blizzard Blue Tracker here, or by clicking on the Blue Tracker tab in the navigation.

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Awesome :D