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12-24-2008, 11:06 AM
So, I use WMO in our guild runs because I want the information available but I don't want to bother with meters during runs. My concern here is focused foremost on using it as a tool to assist in corrective action. I want to get our DPS caught up to where "we should be". Problem is I'm not sure where "we should be".

My gut instinct is, and will always be, the actual number on the dps chart doesn't matter that much as long as the person's ability ratio is correct. IE - as long as a person is using the right rotation of their abilities for a given situation, the abilities should always show up with relatively the same % of the pie chart regardless of the DPS done. This should in theory let me judge their damage on gimmick fights that artificially skew damage (Loatheb, Thaddius) and on "get out of the fire" fights like Grob and sapphiron where their damage will be low because of time spent avoiding AoE.

I don't know the classes tho, and I don't know the proper ratio of abilities. I helped one of our enh shammies out last night by pulling up a top 10 speed kill guild's Patchwerk wmo and comparing their pie charts and looked at the ratios. Went over it with him and he noticed a 700 dps spike on the heroic he ran to test out the ideas. I consider this to be a success, but my gut tells me this won't always work, especially if the issue is more complex.

Moreover, how much of this should my raid be doing themselves? Should I encourage my guildies to compare their damage ratios to their classmates'?

Basically, I have this awesome tool at my fingertips that feels like something I can use to help my raid really rock the house... I'm just nervous about using it the wrong way. Any advice anyone has to impart would be great. :)

12-24-2008, 12:17 PM
Don't worry so much about the overall damage done, because that comes in large part from the level of gear available to the player. You are on the right track though, it could be a very effective tool to see if your DPS is possibly using the wrong rotation and give them insight on how to fix it. Any player should be required to do what they can to increase their damage, it's self improvement. If they become complacent, they become a liability.