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12-17-2008, 12:09 PM
I started my wow gaming career by standing in line on the night of WoW release some 4 years ago. I been through the game in wet and dry but now after lvling up to 80 i find myself doing the same things over again. Its just new scenario.. instead of Org like it was at lvl 60 or shattrath at lvl 70 its now Dalaran where im currently afking in as a snowman giving everyone the chanse to dance for the frosty shake and throw the godforsaken snowflakes at me.

After that small wall of text..i need a new game. Wow does not exite me , the players dosent have the quality or im playing on the wrong server. Gold is so easily earnt i can either harvest from ah or just farm half a day and i have 2k gold in my pocket.

Reputations have been made easier so um yea, 2 weeks then i had Exalted Sons of Hodir. Sure new instances will be placed out..but to what?

How is Age of Conan?
How is Warhammer Online?

halp pretty plox.

12-17-2008, 01:11 PM
I have played lots and lots of games now. I play wow only because of the non need of being online all the time and 5 day a week of raiding that I HAD to be at to remain in guild.

Age of conan is preaty fun but every one starts exaclty the same and that sucks imo, I think at level 20 or so you go on your own path based on your toon class and race.
Graphics are also amazing.

EverQuest 1 If you have no life and want to play hardcore this is game for you. oh and grphics suck imo

Everquest2 I played this before coming to wow. Was very fun untell Tier 8 and it turned into every item you got was so over powered made the game so easy. Being EQ though you must like questing to recieve epic gear and stuff.
I personal love the encounters in the game but dont know much on t8 as like I said it was to easy and got borred before I reached the end game content.

Vanguard. This is mix from WOW/everquest1. Very insane graphics. Must have good computer to run this game at a rate that makes it enjoyable. This game has alot of classes that are very different from any other game that make it interesting and fun IMO. I would be playing this game but my computer sucks and not many people I know play it.

Guild Wars If you like a new system it is interesting but when I played it it was 99% solo. Good game if you would like to group with computer players. did not play much so dont know that much about this game. you can only get to level 20 but you can duo class so 20/20. good graphics also. Also is free to play online

Never played warhammer so no clue.

I am sure that my spelling sucks and really dont care. also these are just little snipletes of what I think of the games. I am sure there are many different things about the games I did not mention and different opinions.

The online gaming community seems to make a few more games to chose from each year, there are lots now.

There are also lots of Jap online games that are mostly all free. some are cool but different.

Games like WOW are so popular because of casual players in the world. They are made so anyone can play any of the content making it appeal to everyone. IF you are a more hardcore player there are lots games out there that lots of content can only be achieved with the right groups and raids.

This again is my Opinion nothing else.

12-17-2008, 01:30 PM
Thanks for the log and good post Shieven!

Im wow bored, so i wont be doing much more raiding anymore. Thus the post..
I will look into Vanguard , and i am intruiged by the graphic in AoC.. but the UI seems abit.. ughhh..

12-17-2008, 01:36 PM
Age of Conan had a pretty ruinous start, and consequently I think they've lost a substantial number of players. Last I heard, the end game was very underdeveloped.

Warhammer Online by contrast had a very polished release with lots of content, although I understand from friends that there's not a lot to keep you busy in the end game. I was playing War after our guild took a break from raiding towards the end of TBC and really enjoyed it. To get the most out of the game you must really enjoy PvP however, as most of the good content in the game is based around PvP/RvR in some way. The public quests are a novel concept that sound great on paper, but in practice, once everyone has leveled past you, finding enough people to complete them in the starting areas is a challenge. While leveling my goblin shaman, I probably got to participate in about 1/5th of the public quests that I encountered, just due to lack of numbers.

12-17-2008, 01:43 PM
I been looking at Warhammer Online, but i decided against it.
From Ciderhelm's podcast about AoC it sounded promesing. But the game is new bugs are expected and wow surely had a few of them in the baby year.

Is AoC anything like for instance LoTRO?
Cause i played LoTRO for 1 month and threw it in the trash.

12-17-2008, 02:14 PM
I am going to play lots of Starcraft 2 when it comes out, if it ever does.

12-17-2008, 02:19 PM
Short of the newest generation of games (AoC/WAR), I have played the vast majority of them.

WoW is the second game to hold my attention for longer than a couple months. The other being Asheron's Call.

The problem with all the other games? They weren't AC/WoW. Honestly, after playing both of these games for ~4 years each, you become accustomed to the way they play, and picking up another game you'll see the similiarities/differences immediately, and it will bug you.

The only game on the horizon that remotely looks interesting to me is Champions Online, and ONLY if they make character customization as free as they can/should.

12-17-2008, 02:23 PM
LoTRO is much more polished than AoC.. it's just, dull.

My feeling currently is that the only company capable of creating a more satisfying and refined game than WoW, is Blizzard themselves.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be one to watch, assuming you like the Star Wars universe, although the micro-transactional model they're considering makes me think it's already dead in the water.

12-17-2008, 02:26 PM
If you don't necessarily want to stay in the fantasy genre, and you are interested in a slightly more cerebral game, I highly suggest taking a look at EvE online. This is still probably my favorite MMO of all time, and I simply played it too much over the span of 2 years and got burnt out. A friend dragged me back into WoW when that happened, but I'm now approaching the same point you are and am very much considering returning to EvE.


- Game depth is immense, tons of things to do
- Character improvement is unique in that you do not grind levels, you simply train a skill and it takes X number of real hours to complete (at the high end of the game skills take months to train)
- PVP is meaningful. When you are fighting, you are fighting to save your investments, when you die they are lost. Running and escape can be as important as being able to win a battle. However, while recovering from a loss can be painful, it is not game breaking - you live and learn, and move on.
- Single universe. Having everyone who plays the game play in one universe is very cool. If someone knows you for whatever reason, that is always there... they never transfer off to another server or whatever else.


- The depth of the game leads to a very steep learning curve. Go play the trial, but don't expect to scratch the surface of the game in the 14 days you are given. Be ready to play for 3 months before you really have a grasp on what is going on.
- Politics - this isn't necessarily a con but it's something to be aware of; because the game is a single universe, there are big alliances that run the show, and sometimes breaking into that side of the game can be daunting. This becomes less of a chore as learn more about what's going on.

Go check it out, see what you think.

Edit: I just want to comment on Volador's comment about games not being wow. This is actually something EvE has going for it - it is not a fantasy game, it is nothing like the UI you are used to playing, it is a very different game. I have experienced exactly what he has talked about when going from WoW to games like AoC or Warhammer, the same will likely not happen with EvE.

12-17-2008, 02:37 PM
Eve also has the most deep economy of any MMO.. it's so complex, that they've actually hired a real economist who monitors the markets and makes reports to the community. If you like the AH/crafting/trading component of WoW, you will absolutely love Eve and realise how underdeveloped and superficial this is in WoW.

12-17-2008, 02:44 PM
I played Starwars Galaxies and it was fun a few months of grinding to the jedi but i dunno. If i will go into Starwars : Old republic - unless they show some fantastic graphics.

I tried Tabula Rasa , it sucked - the ui was catastrophic.

I can grasp that the buttons and stuff is similar to wow, makes it simple to get a hang of the game. What i probably dont want is the same ''cartoonish'' game that after 10 more level released will just be the same after 1 week of gaming. Wow is that.. after 1 week of gaming and i had my lvl 80 some heroics and then i went ok.. so whats next.. yea um raid ok.. so i raided, then it went dull. Its the same, new fancy scenarios , but i managed to get nearly all quests in Outlands already :/

Eve is a fairly old game, id rather sink my theeth into something new. But i will check into it.

Thanks for the great suggestions ^^

12-28-2008, 07:24 AM
I played Warhammer online for a very long time and it's bleeding players due to the lack of end game content other then the 300vs300 zerg fest of keep sieges that marit nothing for doing it other then a large amount of lag.

12-29-2008, 12:43 AM
i think the only thing warhammer really has to offer in the end is some insane realm vs realm action. age of conan is awesome for the fact of originality in game play. but it seemed to get fairly redundant. i also think that being rated m helped it be more realistic.

imo...bide your time for one, new content (go play some console games or somethign to pass time). and two, get sw: the old republic when it comes out (hopefully itll be really good).

12-29-2008, 02:35 PM
I plan on playing Darkfall when it comes out this Feb.

12-29-2008, 02:42 PM
i kind of hit the same wall about 2 months after i hit 70 so i quit for about 3 months and then got back into it when the xpac came back out i havent gotten bored with it yet but we'll see i hope the new patch hits soon though

12-31-2008, 07:22 PM
i think the best thign for people to do when they get bored with wow, is to just stop playing for a few months. find something else to occupy your time and move on. after awhile, youll get bored with the "new thing" and will come back. ive taken like 5 breaks and "swore off" wow like twice and im back again...