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Infraction: Insulting Other member, Vulgar Language, Whining
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Calm the hell down.

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Way too much emotional anger vented up in this thread let alone the post where you drop multiple F-bombs. Do it again and your gone.

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Morgo your an ass, I never fucking said i just rely on those ability to hold threat exclusivly, so go fuck yourself. I specifically stated "I am doing the TCing and SWing, doing my best to tab threat everything."

Now getting back to the non assholes that responded.

I know paladins are better, but they are so good at it, people have become adjusted to always having that type of aoe threat. So no matter how hard I try I cannot keep up with that mind set. I have a single target dps on each individual target, then i have a slew of aoes blasting away, stuff break off no matter what I try or do. But then i see the paladin in the same situation and it can hold it all without a problem. Raider dont follow a dps lead anymore, it all about doing as much damage to everything as possible.

I am trying my best, to keep everything on me, but it not working. I cannot compare to a paladin or even a druid in the aoe game and thusly am feeling really frustrated by it.

Again not having any issues in 5 mans, mostly because ppl actually follow a target and for the majority of time dps one target down at a time.

12-09-2008, 09:38 PM