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12-06-2008, 05:01 PM
So...this is way off topic from WoW, but I was thinking about this today and I wanted to get some thoughts on this from the community.

Where do you think the music industry will find its success in the future? With bands like Radiohead giving music away and the proliferation of music all over the internet, how will music companies continue to make money off their products? I know now people are paying monthly subscriptions for access to massive music libraries, but is this all there is left? Its an interesting topic and one that is close to home as my wife is a singer/songwriter.

12-06-2008, 05:50 PM
To start: I think Itunes and Zune have it right. I'm more a fan of Zune because the subscription model is so nice. I do think both Apple and Microsoft have, for once, presented the best options to their users and the most reasonable music options for users and record companies alike.

Interactive entertainment will be a huge growth sector for music, particularly with gaming as it continues to expand. As I've said before, there'll be some point down the road where I'd like to be looking for artists personally for my own projects, and I'm just one person among probably thousands of others who have an entrepreneurial drive.

The music industry in general needs more ways for users to get music licenses for distribution. There's two camps right now -- people who won't pay for music and will use it freely in their videos, etc., and people who would pay for it but aren't given the option to because of the bureaucratic nature of record companies. The second is in the minority, sure, but it includes people like me who are willing to pay to use music that thousands will hear.

They've taken a step in that direction with YouTube's song selection, where you can actually upload videos and choose from a selection of songs that you're welcome to add to it directly from their site.

As for bands that give away their music -- It's neat, though the music has to be good. I think there's a lot to be said for believing in a cause that much. I believe, however, that people should be rewarded for their work, and I don't think anyone should assume free music should ever be expected of artists.

12-06-2008, 11:04 PM
Interesting. How does the Youtube song thing work? Does the artist get a cut every time the song is used or is it a kind of advertising for the artist? I'm assuming the later.

I'm very interested in the subject of "interactive entertainment." This is where I feel the industry of music will find its success in the future. I get excited thinking about different possibilities with it.

Here's another interesting, if not more on topic, question for you regarding music and interactive entertainment: How do you see music playing a larger part in World of Warcraft? I know the whole "Bard" class was put forth as an April Fool's joke, but is there a place for something like this in WoW? Could music be used as an interesting social (if not combat) system to support WoW game play?

12-08-2008, 11:27 AM
I think, the "music industry" is the problem. Artists and bands relied on a big corporation to get them put on the market, but if the corporation didn't like you or your music for whatever reason, they'd out you and you'd be done. Or if you were signed to them, they owned you. The new avenues for music allows any one who has the passion and drive to put their music out there, and potential make their own career without relying on lengthy contracts and docked pay by some corporation. I don't think the Music Industry is bad, it had to exist prior to our modern era, but I feel it is going out of date, or at least it needs to swing with the times and stop relying on hardcopy sales for revenue and instead think up a new way to get to their customer base using the internet media.