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12-02-2008, 07:22 AM
Ok... story time a bit.

My shop is INCREDIBLY unorganized when it comes to quoting parts and or managing old quotes that we've run in the past.

When we do quotes, they never become digital except to email the price back to our customer. We have paper copies of EVERYTHING. probably 30 some filing cabinets full of stuff.

If we ever have a new quote come in it takes hours to track back to see if we've done that part in the past. Would the quote be on my desk or one of the secretaries desks? Maybe the owners desk? Maybe out in the filing cabinets, but accidentally put in the wrong location. It's a losing battle.

One of the things we do have working for us is that every computer in the shop is networked together. We've never had that before.

Anyway, what I would like is this: The owner likes to do his initial quoting to be done in paper. He's an old school paper kind of guy. From there, I would like either myself or one of the secretaries to load all of the information from the paper quote sheet onto the computer into some sort of program. It won't be a quoting program because it's already been quoted before. Pretty much just an information gathering application.

From there I'd like that stored information to link to a "folder" type thing. I want that folder to have all of the information we have on a specific part or job. Be it past rev levels or modifications we've done. I want it all listed so we don't have to rely on the foreman's memory for everything.

I want that, and I want it to be accessible by all of the computers in the shop. Does anyone know of an organization program that would do that sort of thing? I realize that we'll probably need a new server type of computer set up, but I'm fine with that.

I just want something that EVERYONE in the shop can use to easily access all of the information we have on a particular product.

12-02-2008, 03:18 PM
I may be misunderstanding the situation, but it sounds like you could just use a spreadsheet program(like Excel) to enter the data, and save the files onto a networked drive. Every computer on the network that has the same spreadsheet application could open / edit the files, and you could do all sorts of handy analysis using the spreadsheets.

Does that solve the problem, or is there something I missed?