View Full Version : Death Knight Proffessions

11-21-2008, 12:17 PM
I am currently leveling my Death Knight and I have not played in some time nor did I do the BETA anyone have any insight to proffessions for DK's? Or is it just a wish wash subject...? Im just wondering if anyone knows if there are any substantial things I should be looking for from certain proffessions?

11-21-2008, 04:50 PM
My suggestion would be that if you have an alt that can mine, go with blacksmithing and jewelcrafting, some of the best prof only items for tanking IMO from those professions. I dont have a miner so I will probably be going with mining and BS for my DK. (sorry for only focusing on tanking, but thats what I plan on doin with my DK)

11-21-2008, 05:14 PM
I beleive Leatherworking would be good for tanking as well. +67 stamina to bracers is very nice.

Edit: let me change this, i didn't know that the BS can put gem slots on 3 items, I thought it as 1 or 2, but my guildmate informed me otherwise last night, so I would say if your planning on being a tank then go with BS