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11-12-2008, 07:11 AM
Universal War: Episode 3, the return (http://www.universalwar.org)

The developers from UniversalWar.org announce the open beta of their game.

Universal War is a strategy browser based game, science fiction, tick based. The player becomes a commander of a planet and has to work on all aspects a community requires: economy, research, politics, military, infiltration etc. Diplomacy is a must key: make a friend or an enemy - it is your choice but choose carefully.

Features Universal War provides:

- the option to construct and research over 40 fields.

- Advanced Economy including Resources Management of own planet - the precious asteroids which give valuable boosts to planetary income, the planet income, various bonuses. Sometimes you need to fight for your asteroids/probes or steal from others.

- Military - 15 battle ships and 5 protection systems wait for you to discover them. Each with their own characteristics: history, class, 3 target classes, initiative, agility, number of weapons, weapon power, weapon speed, armor, EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) resistance, build time, cost. There are 4 ship types: war ships - normal attack, EMP - attacks with electro-magnetic pulse which doesn’t destroy the ship, but makes it unavailable to battle, cloacked - ships which can not be seen in most of the scans and the Pirate which steals asteroids.

Infiltration - several scan types to give you various information about the target planet before attacking it.

Politics - when you sign up you become a part of a system with other players. This is your primary “family” in the game. Government, Senate, Finance, War Status are only some of the options available for systems. There are also alliances which make wars even more interesting. You can join any alliance you wish and you can battle for supremacy.

Universal War has 1 hour ticks for people which want to play only a few minutes every day or who want to plan advanced strategies and 1 tick games for hardcode players.

You are welcomed to play it at Universal War: Episode 3, the return (http://www.universalwar.org).

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