View Full Version : Feral weapon swapping in combat

11-06-2008, 10:59 AM
On my feral druid I always had Outfitter (equipment management mod) set to swap my feral weapon for a healing weapon automatically when I shifted to caster form; the several hundred extra +healing would significantly impact any heals thrown in that time, and then when I'd return to bear/cat Outfitter would swap me back to my feral weapon. (To give credit where due, I got this idea from videos such as Deep's "Deep Feral" series where he shows how effective it can be.)

A few patches ago, however, Blizzard effectively broke this tactic by causing spells to be interrupted by a weapon swap. So whereas before I could hit a healing key to pop out of form and instantly begin the cast, I suddenly found that a second into the cast when Outfitter responded to the shift and swapped my weapon, I'd effectively counter my own spell.

How did you other druids work with/around this change?

11-06-2008, 12:39 PM
Havent worked around it, I just switch to caster & swap weapon manually, then cast, then go back to form and switch weapon manually again. Admittedly I only do this when I'm going to be healing/casting for a significant period of time. If it was a quick insta-heal, I'd simply use my feral staff for healing.