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This topic is completely ridiculous and has absolutely no basis to be on the main page of this site. I completely agree with an earlier poster, the only reason it is on the front page, and getting so much conversation is because of who the original poster is.

This is a high profile warrior QQ'ing about what another tanking class brings to the raid that he does not.

The Solution
There are plenty of good solutions. The best, in my opinion, would be this combination:

Turn Blessing of Sanctuary into a self-buff for the Protection Paladin, providing the exact same benefits to them;
Add rage on avoidance as either baseline or through talents to Protection Warriors;
Balance Deathknights, Feral Druids, and Protection Warriors around not having Blessing of Sanctuary in terms of damage reduction and get rid of the 3% damage reduction buffs from Vigilance and Grace.

1 - So make the buff a sell-buff for the protection paladin taking away something they add to the raid as a whole?? - aka I have a problem with how this buff effects me as a warrior, but what the heck, change it for everyone but the paladin. That way he can still benefit from it while doing dailies while we kill bosses.

2 - Hey! That skill that Paladins can give us back rage (and helps other classes.. oops were not supposed to remember that) is way too OP. Make it so they can only do it on their selves only and give us something that lets us do it to!. - aka Joey next door just got himself a new toy and it is not fair that his toy is fun for everyone! I am gonna break Joey's toy so only he has fun with it and then have my parents by me a toy too, so I can have my own fun. I would not want Joey to get invited to everyone's party because of his fun toy, people may decide they like joey. That's no fair!! they are supposed to like me and my toys better!!

3- Hey I know how to fix paladins, lets buff other classes so they don't need the paladin as much and take away some damage reduction from other (Non-Paladin) classes. - aka lets fix the paladin thing by monkeying with other classes stuff.....

Seriously though, you did not think about this before you posted. You want to come here and talk about BoS being a unique skill that is the only way to reach your maximum potential as a Prot Warrior??

So what potential?

- threat? - can you reach your absolute maximum threat without Kings? Leader of the Pack? Windfury?

- health? - can you reach your absolute maximum health without Kings, Warlock's Imp, Improved Fort?

Saying that BoS needs to be changed (to the extent you outline) because it is unique and you feel that it is a requirement for min/maxing raid potential is ludacris.

If you were to have made a post about feeling that the rage return for warriors is too high and that component of the skill needs to be tuned to bring it in line with the returns other classes recieve. Now that would have made more sense.

Please do not try to fix an issue with how you see a skill affecting you by proposing changing benefits another tanking class bring to the table that you do not. And then buffing your class to be able to do a similar thing for yourself.

p.s. Will check back later. I will busy writing my article Commanding Shout needs to be changed. Because it only gives players health while Blessing of Kings is total stats!