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11-04-2008, 10:54 AM

I know it's close, but why can't I find WoTLK collecters edition anywhere? I work at Circuit City, and we can't pre-order them. I don't know if they are going to be released to the retailers and be first come first serve basis (which would be cool, haha) or was everything sold out like right away?

I kept being told from guildies that you wont be order to preorder it until it gets closer, but uh, doubt that.

Anyone else able to preorder it?

11-04-2008, 10:56 AM
Walmart of all places has it.

11-04-2008, 10:59 AM
Ive had 2 pre-orded from Gamestop since the day it was announced there.

11-04-2008, 11:01 AM
I've had one pre-ordered from amazon.com since they announced it.

There'll probably be some available in stores next Thursday, though. I know there were BC CE's available.

11-04-2008, 11:08 AM

I guess just another failure for counting on circuit city :P

/needs to find another job

11-04-2008, 11:13 AM
I know that when I preordered mine at Gamestop, they mentioned that they'd stop taking preorders for them soon. Not sure if it's a sales trick, or a logistics limitation. Kind of makes sense that the Collector's Ed would be limited.

11-04-2008, 11:36 AM
i wonder if mine is the collector's edition from amazon...

11-05-2008, 01:02 AM
i wonder if mine is the collector's edition from amazon...

Isn't there a significant price difference?

11-05-2008, 10:34 AM
probably isn't then LOL

11-05-2008, 11:30 AM
Isn't there a significant price difference?

Yeah - the regular version is either $39.99 or $49.99 (I forget which). The Collector's Edition is $69.99 (at least it was when I pre-ordered it).

11-05-2008, 12:10 PM
I don't normally like to give my money to Gamestop, but they were the only place in my area that I could preorder the CE from. Best Buy and Circuit City didn't offer it- just the regular edition. The week after I preordered mine, Gamestop stopped accepting preorders of the CE all-together.

Looks like the only place you can still preorder the CE from is Amazon.com.

11-05-2008, 01:45 PM
My local EB was only allowed to take pre-orders for 4 hours on the Wrath CE edition. I was out of town at the time so I missed out.

Anyone who has pre-ordered a CE, be cautious and prepared that the store you pre-booked at may have over booked. I pre-booked TBC CE at an EB. I waited in line 2 hours for the midnight launch, and when i got to the door the Manager was checking people off the list for their pre-orders and checking receipts. I got the bad news that they had only received 50 copies of the CE, and I was #52 on the list for it. I could have waited a couple of days to see if someone didn't pick up their CE edition as they only hold pre-order games for so many days. Ya rite. I wanted to get in on the action that night.