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This relates to the PvE game - for me the pvp game and especially the arenas, should have been entirely seperated long ago. It's a completely different game.

All the changes that blizzard are implementing now are designed, if my reading comprehension hasn't deserted me, to allow the opportunity for players or guilds who couldn't raid end game before to be given access to that part of the game in the future.

However for me the crux of the discussion is really - what was it actually that stopped those people raiding in the past? Where do the changes leave those who clearly could raid end game successfully before child-mode?

Every raider knows that end game raiding is about individual player competence and dedication (skill is a different thing) and that proper team play and effective raid leadership make for success.

Every raider also knows that failure to progress has a direct correlation with a lack of competence, dedication and leadership.

So, taking all those things into account what I simply cannot fathom is how Blizzard perceive all this tinkering, tuning, chopping and changing of the whole game design it seems, will ever overcome those human things that have always prevented (and identified) that casual player base from being successful end game raiders since day one.

The only way to overcome that is to quite literally dumb everything down to such a level that it slides into the casual player comfort zone. Which means shorter, more simplistic, effortless and instantly accessible content that requires little or no cohesive team play.

Now if this isn't the case (and I desperately hope it isn't) than it has to be asked - What exactly are they trying to fix?

Blizzard are a company making astronomic quantities of cash and it's perfectly understandable they want that to continue. The real dilemma (or maybe it actually isn't) is how they then keep the game alive for the more dedicated, competent players who crave that difficult challenge.

My issue with the direction the game is being steered is that it is quite quickly becoming something very different to the game which had made WoW a phenomenal world-wide success in the first place and that has had us all hopelessly hooked ever since.