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10-23-2008, 12:50 PM
Reality desparately needs a content and balancing patch, but I'm not sure what I'd want to see in such a patch. Other than a lot more bunnies and a lot less idiots.

Having taking a hiatus from WoW recently [to play AoC, WH, and troll the TS forums], though, I do know some things I'd like to see put into WoW in terms of changes and content. Some of this rambling is inspired by my visits to AoC and WH, and some blogs/posts I read here recently.

1 - Ditch the multiple resistances. Age of Conan showed me exactly how pointless and transparent this form of artificial 'depth' has become for me [their physical armor is actually broken down into 3 'resistances']. I have lots of different sets of gear the emphasize different stats and styles of play...I don't have a problem with that, I think it's fun. Having 5 sets of resist gear? Not so much.

2 - Public Quests. WH PvE doesn't quite stand up to WoWs, but there are 2 things they nailed. Collection Quests to collect 4 Wombat Gizzards involve going out and killing 4 wombats. End of story. And then there's the Public Quests...such a great idea, nice implementation, and works really well when the population is around to support it.

3 - Separate bagspace for quest items. AoC and WH both did this...hoping Blizzard will put this in someday.

4 - Armor Dyes. Hellgate probably had the best implementation of this I have seen. WH did a great job as well. My Conqueror in AoC looked like pure, unrefined buttsauce for the 68 levels I played her, except for a 10 level stretch at 40 [and of course, when she was nekid]. Wow has snifty armor models by and large, but I'm tired of looking like a clown half the time.

5 - Stop frontloading the thought process. The VAST majority of encounters in wow follow the 'Plan -> Execute' method. This is a great design that I think belongs in most games, but I'm getting a little tired of seeing it at the exclusion of any significant amount of randomness or variance in most encounters. Even Hex Lord is usually planned out in terms of what to do if he Siphons a given player, though it's a perfect example of the type of encounter I'd like to see more of. And both him and Moroes could be alot more fun if the adds streamed in after the fight started.

This is of course exacerbated by the fact that very, very few people actually create or solve for a strategy...most people are told what to do or read a few strategies online and pick one. One of my favorite parts of Magic the Gathering is building the deck. I could just throw together a popular tourney deck, and I'd probably win alot more if I did, but it's just not as fun for me as designing a crazy 7 card death combo that I will never see, and tossing in a few gargantuan fatties with casting costs that read like the daily weather report for the next 2 weeks, that I'll never get to cast. Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

6 - Sprint and Rest. The Sprint ability in AoC was just awesome. Honestly, it was probably one of the best things about the game [well, that and the nekid toons...I've never been so sad to loot my first piece of armor]. Which doesn't say much for AoC, but it was still really cool. That and the rest ability, which really cut down on downtime. Both AoC and WH keep downtime to a minimum, and I'd like to see it shortened in WoW as well. Kinda a nitpick really, but considering how much I enjoy WoW, this entire post is pretty much one big nitpick.

Just to mention a few things I really enjoyed playing AoC and WH:
AoCs 'AOE' melee approach and the playstyle for healers.
WHs 'Do what you want when you want' feel with Quests, PQs, Scenarios, and RvR. Love the multiple XP bars and the associated rewards. Professions are well polished and fun as well.


Most Misleading Name for a Gameplay Mechanic Ever:
AoCs convaluted control scheme...oops, I mean 'Combo System'. Seriously, invite a friend over and pop Street Fighter 2 into your SNES. Pick Ryu and start a fight. Press Down, Down-Foward, Foward in a rolling motion and then hit Punch to throw a Fireball. Now explain to your friend how that is a 'Combo'.

And finally,

I would like to congratulate Blizzard on apparently getting a universal law passed that requires all rogues class mechanics to be based on combo points and finishers.

10-23-2008, 12:57 PM
The AoC combat system was neat in theory but for a game so heavily PvP oriented, it was just.....ugg..

Kinda hard to get off your level 75 ridiculously named heavy hitter requiring 6 key presses when 'Ikillurface' (lvl 80 assassin) is hooping around like a retard with his hair on fire.

10-23-2008, 01:35 PM
Public quests are great for the 1st month people. Not so much for the 6th month people.