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SO you all think by level 80 you still gonna be op, and catch up an beat out paladin tps/dps? Fact you all having fun right now in instances and raids means nothing , especially since all tanks are having the same fun even myself (ill expalin why further down), think again please (dont mean that in the rude way).

First of all im really sure, future lvl 80 raids are being designed with all this op in mind (you think aoe is easynow? how about if the mobs continually stun you and the raid does insane aoe damage? well thats the kind of thing they gonna do) and which is why i dont care about how much easy the game is now since it wont last, and since paladin dps cuts through armor , whether we even have the potential to catch up in dps depends on the boss armor.

Well check this then...
MMO-Champion - World of Warcraft Guides and Raid Strategies (http://www.mmo-champion.com/)

They are raising boss armor by 10% , because assas rogues were doing too much dps lol, and down below when it says about effects on warriors we told its a direct nerf to warrior dps, and in their opinion arms and prot need no buff to help them , but fury will be. So why not some holy resistance too? ret and prot are doing really well to right?

Still waiting for blizzard to say they gonna fix that light judgment problem if indeed there even is one ( i just think their tps is just higher than ours, and there is no problem with jol, but thats just speculation)>