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10-20-2008, 11:13 AM
Sorry for this question, but could you please take a look to my armory and help me improve ?

ATM my best match was to be the MT in the 'new' nerfed Zul'Aman with no problems, but after taking a look at the recount addon and OMEN, I see that my max tps was 1800 with and average dps of 700.

Also became MT in Kara (not a great improve) and being able to easily tank HMgT (hunting Kaelthas commendation), Heroic Shattered Halls (30 mins the full run)... Taht could be seen great, but the real things is that it's not the same after the instance nerf in patch 3.0.x

Is there anything I can improve more at my equipment lvl ?

Thx in advance.

P.D.: Armory link : The World of Warcraft Armory (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=C%27Thun&n=Niyur%C3%A4)
I still have 4 blue's due to the lack of repu with Shattered Sun (neck) and a few more drops to improve a little more my character. Also I'm gonna keep trying to pick the tanking shield of the 3rd boss in Z'A.

10-23-2008, 10:57 AM
In addition, today I managed to Maintank in Maulgar and Grull, easily overtaking the aggro from the warrior that was supposed to tank.

I expect the armory to be updated, but if not, the need 'adquisition' is teh badgets tank legs with netherclef armor (+40 stm) and 2 +12 stam gems.

Again, thx in advance for any info you could give me for improving my 'character'.

10-23-2008, 01:48 PM
You only have 4 pieces of gear that are helping you with threat. Shield Block isn't as much of a threat stat for pallies as it is for warriors. It is useful for mitigation, but considering the nerfs...you should be good on mitigation for all the content you are trying to clear.

When I am raid buffed and got my rotation (not really a rotation anymore) rolling really well....I spike from 2.5k to 3k TPS.

The Kings Defender is a nice tanking weapon, but its definitely better suited for a warrior. I would say that picking up the S2 mace (the healing one would work with Spell Power Changes) as a much better threat weapon.

I know that stamina turns into Spell Power now...but that weapon would pretty much double what you have. Especially if you put +40 Spell Power on it.

Isn't there a BoE (craftable) Paladin tanking belt out there? Perhaps not.

Definitely your best bets are gonna be the badge gear. Belt and gloves can definitely upgrade there.

And the trinket in Heroic Magister's terrace is a definite upgrade. Gotta get out of the Hellfire blue available to level 60s!!!! It isn't awful though.

You should be able to solo tank all of Karazhan except Netherspite, and a DPS warrior or Paladin....or to be honest even a freaking Shaman could tank him in the second phase..... If you even need to tank him that long. he is dying before the end of the first phase in my clears.

Farming badges these days is cake walk, too.

Sorry if this isn't very helpful.

You might even try finding some SSC/TK pugs to get into. They are happening every day on my server.

10-27-2008, 08:11 AM
NmEnforcer (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/members/nmenforcer.html), thx for the tips.

I'm still working to manage de trinket of Heroic MT, but still have no luck.
ATM I managed the trinket from Moroes.

In relation to the weapond, although S2 healer mace gives nice SD, I'm still thinking is better to use a warrior weapond due to our new 51 prot talent (the one I most use) that gives damage x3 in SD of our weapond.

Last record I've got in tanking is being MT in TK because I was the only tank with 'shield', the other 2 tanks were druids.