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and at this moment i am extremely uncomfortable with how good the naxx 10 items are when compared to the naxx 25, theres needs to be more ilvl difference.

This is such an insight into your life, or lack thereof. Is that all you can focus on with all the new stuff coming? Loot ilvl difference? 13 ilvls is the difference between Kara loot and ZA loot, or Prince loot and Zul'jin loot iirc. So they just continued it for wotlk.

I think what you're really afraid of is that your recruiting will dry up because Blizzard will actually make the 10-man raids the same difficulty as the 25s (and that's what I'm hearing) and people will be happy to play them without people like you obsessing over the difference in loot levels.

It's elitists like you that drive a lot of us away from 25-man raiding. Skill has never, ever been my problem. Time to play has always been my problem. 25-man carries an organizational overhead time penalty with it, if you understand what I mean. 10-mans of good friends who've played together for 4 years have a lot less of that. That's a much more efficient use of my time. I couldn't care less if the loot was 20 ilvls different. It's still not worth the time and trouble to run the content in 25-man mode. Besides, it's the fights, not the loot. I got over purple fever years ago. I'm 39 years old, have a wife/kids/job/life and don't have time for that crap. I want to see Arthas die. I don't care if it's 10 people or 25. If you think it makes you 'better' in some way to have done it in 25-man mode, I'll just pity you for how pathetic your life must be for that to mean something to you.