View Full Version : Shaman becoming the new tank healers?

10-17-2008, 11:50 AM
So, I got bored at work today, and my mind started wondering about all the new shaman talents for resto. After the conversation we had on shoutbox earlier today about priests being the new and better shaman healer of wotlk, i looked through the talents and tried to find a solution to the mana issue that EVERY shaman seems to be having.

This may be way off the wall, but think about this for a second.

http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?shaman=502300100000000000000000500353310553105011 203312010050002000000000000000000000

Everyone used to claim a shaman without chain heal was just a lesser geared paladin healer, but now we are given the option to spam heals on the tank without ever running out of mana. What if, instead of stacking mp5, we stacked crit like a paladin. I know my shaman now has roughly 20% crit when spec'd and unbuffed. If that could be pushed up to close to 30%, then I would be able to endlessly toss heals and never ever run out of mana thanks to knowing that one in 3 theoretically should be a crit, giving me an orb from my water shield (which at 80 restores roughly 500 mana per orb if spec'd right) and making my next 2 heals cost 40% less mana.... and by the time that is up, I should crit again. Not to mention rip tide and living weapon constantly healing the tank AND the spirits healing the person with the lowest hp for 10% of my heal every time.... AND the tank constantly having 25% more armor... Maybe gear at 80 fills the gap of the current mana problems..maybe it doesnt... but I personaly think this could be a viable way to go for a shaman... (and the reason I am posting here is because I know quite a few tanks play shaman healers...myself included)

10-17-2008, 12:28 PM
Meh, just trying to find some way to fix the problem without complaining that resto shamen suck QQQQQ :p

I might just spec into elemental focus anyway for every crit (which happens alot with chain heal) is a free spell basically

10-18-2008, 08:49 AM
Is Elemental Focus proccing off healing spells now? ?The tooltip still says Fire, Frost or Nature DAMAGE spell. If it works for healing I may have to respec my Resto Shammy again.