View Full Version : BE Tankadin LF Guild on Bloodhoof

10-16-2008, 10:49 AM
I am a Lvl70 BE Tankadin, currently in new 70 gear. 10khp, 11k armor, ~60% avoidance. I have experience in all 5 mans (heroic and reg), KZ, ZA, Mag's and Gruul's Lairs, The Eye, SSC, and BT (Just the trash). I have managed guilds, I have been an officer, and briefly ran a large (90 or so active members) guild. I also have a decently geared Resto Druid (T4, some Tk and SSC, and a few ZA pieces) and a T4 Warlock. All of these toons I would be happy to spec however the guild needs. I am looking for a home for raiding. I have been in a raiding guild, and I liked it. They however, did not last. Please message me here or in game.
Phallco-Lvl 70 Tankadin
BillPardey-Lvl70 Resto Druid
ImpralDyntap-Lvl70 Demonology Warlock

10-16-2008, 12:31 PM
bloodhoof's my old stomping grounds!