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btw as u see i died at akama fight ... and had no wf

and our raid hasnt all clear yet in bt

so i am the first one who says 2h fury make more than dualwield ...

and i do pull more than 2k dps on teron with 2h fury build + wf shami , heroism , releckness etc

But u know that we not have a melee shami in our raid everytime . And u really think im noob because of no wf?? omg as i said , we not always have a melee shami in our raid ...

and at least ... i will not post anything in this thread anymore because its nonsense...

i always try to say to people that 2h can make more than dualwield fury , but they dont understand . They think mainstream dualwield fury is best , thats why the most people play dualwield because its easy to play with 2-3 spamm buttons and only talk bullshit about 2handers... and people just dont want to understand that ...