View Full Version : Gul'Dan: Templars of Total Nee is now recruiting

10-02-2008, 04:47 PM
Templars of Total Nee on Gul'dan (pvp-us) is now recruting all positions/roles/levels

We are currently getting ready for some t4 content but are looking for more key members to complete our core group. If you are slightly overgeared it's ok. Badge runs will be available.
We accept any level as we are also getting ready for a strong presence in WotLK, so be the first one to join our core group and let's get some t4, t5 content done before the expansion.

Join the fun!!

If you just purchased the game and you are looking to understand how it works, we can help! We always had time and we will continue to make time for our guildies, helping them understand their character and roles and getting the best experience from your subscription.

We are based on the west coast so our main events will be scheduled accordingly. We expect weekly Kara runs, 1 weekly pvp evening, 1 weekly alts evening and special events that will be announced, which can include and are not limited to: dance rave parties, fastest to level 5 contests, naked duels, old content raids, best outfit parties and many many more.

find us online or send an email to mycharname at gmail dot com