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09-28-2008, 01:45 AM
I'm not certain I'm the only one who has a back story for my character. True, I'm not on an RP server, but still, many years of dungeons and dragons, classic RPG games, and the like, leave be to have to make a back story for my little Gnome warrior.

Please feel free to share the rough outline of your characters story, if you have one. If you don't, consider making one. I find it makes playing a character a little more fun than "I kill stuff for epix." Also, your full heartedly invited to laugh your ass off at me being such a hyper nerd.

Anyway, hereís my characters rough outline. I have more detail, but I donít want to bore people with a wall of text that doesnít include numbers that make you kill better (or, knowing this forum, get killed slower). So this is very much 'in a nutshell' (condensed 5 pages to 3 small paragraphs)

Thgil Goldcore
Female Gnome warrior
age 26
Defender of Stormwind

Thgil grew up as an orphan in Stormwind. Instead of playing with other children at the orphenarium she was enthralled by the Stormwind knights training. She too spent all of her own free time working her body.

One day she was being picked on by much larger and older children, but her hard work didnít go to waste as she treated them to a swift ass kicking. A trainer for the Stormwind guard saw this and adopted Thgil and began to train her all he knew about fighting. She learned how to channel her will and the will of the city for whom she protected into every action she took.

Taking her training with her she now has set out to help protect her city from dangers from afar and is also searching for the missing king.