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09-15-2008, 11:28 AM
I have recently transferred this character from my old PvP realm (Dragonmaw, US), where some RL friends are leaving for WAR, to my main realm (Earthen Ring, US).

I'm trying to start a new group in Kara. I plan on leading/learning to Main Tank with the help of my wife who's lead a Kara group before. Most, if not all, of the group will be T4 or otherwise decently geared and the players well versed in Kara. I browsed the excellent articles by Ciderhelm and I'll be moving on to reading the Kara Thread here shortly. I wanted to post my current stuff based on the calculator on the site and my current armory.

Kylja's to do list:

Get Felsteel leggings at all costs.

Re-gem for Def and Stamina

Respec to 8/5/48


Minimum Required for most of Kara bosses

490 Defense (currently 459)

35% Avoidance (currently 39.1)

Effective Health 32,100 (currently 21,116)

Minimum Required for Prince / Nightbane fights

490 Defense (currently 459)

40% Avoidance (currently 39.1)

Effective Health 37,700 (currently 21,116)


I can't really estimate any more stuff at work as I'll have to respec tonight and figure out my new values.

It --looks-- like a good start. I think I'm almost there. With a respec and new gems maybe even a few cheap enchants, I think I'll be there. What do you folks think?

Here's Kyllja's armory. Keep in mind it's with her tank gear on, but arms specced still http://www.lemmingjuice.net/modules/forums/Smileys/default/undecided.gif http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Earthen+Ring&n=Kylja (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Earthen+Ring&n=Kylja)


edit: I'm currently working on SSO rep for the exalted shield. And badges from Kara will quickly be turned in for gear. Any reccomendation on order to get BoJ gear? Based on a post I can't seem to find at the moment I know there are some slots that Kara doesn't provide gear for. I'd think it would make sense for me to fill those first with BoJ gear, but I'm not the expert here. :)

And I know the release for LK is in 2 months. But I want to stay busy for those two months and learn how to tank for LK. So please don't bother saying/trying to convince me that Kara isn't worth it at this point.

09-15-2008, 11:41 AM
any raid experience is worth it. kara is just more boring than others, thats all. the BoJ gear is easy... get the chest. i also think you could benefit from some heroics, and perhaps some of the d3 gear. heroic MgT has a bitchin trinket and a pretty nice threat ring. your overall stats seem low, a few weeks in heroics would bode you well. where's your devilshark cape? i thought that was required for kara! lol

09-15-2008, 11:46 AM
I guess I should have prefaced with: I pretty much focused on Polar's Easy pre-Kara gear list. I have awful luck with drop rates in instances, so it leaves me with what I have at the moment. :)

09-15-2008, 12:48 PM
Kara is fun! I honestly found it way more enjoyable than anything in T5 content (TK/SSC are BORE FESTS).

Some of the badges gear is really sexy but it only works once you've hit the 490 cap. The chest is probably the best item you can get first with massive armor, health, and defense. The sso shield is a tad better than the nightbane one so you're off to a good start.

The only "tip" I have is check out a site like wotlk.wowhead.com and see if any gear you have or are considering purchasing is having its defense value reduced. A lot are and this is important because warriors/pallys are losing 20 defense from talents and a good bunch of defense on gear has now "become" strength (as well as other stats adjusted or removed, etc.)

09-15-2008, 01:00 PM
Go for the Trinket off the second boss of Shadow Labs. Pretty easy to get and its really nice. Or you can get Dairbris Enigma from the quest in Netherstorm. It's definitely worth the time.

As for BoE's, look for the Delicate Eternium ring. Its a nice starter ring. And SSO rep is awesome for tanks (but you know that).

Also take a look at Felsteel Leggings materials, they aren't that bad on mats and probably cheaper. Lots of people probably have the ability to make it.

I would recommend running some 5mans on normal and heroic. Just for tanking experience. Running places like Heroic mech is 4 easy badges and a chance on The SunEater (arguably the best Heroic level epic item).

09-16-2008, 04:05 AM
Thanks very much for the responses, folks! I got my Felsteel Leggings last night, respecced and regemmed. I was able to plug in a couple more Stamina gems since I hit 490 defense, but my EH is still really lacking compared to the requirements posted in Cider's EH minimums post. With raid buffs I can probably easily match it, but I'm just a little concerned with that aspect still.

Definitly going to be offering my tank to anyone in my guild/alliance who wants to do anything in the near future. I'll keep your suggestions in mind for those item drops. Gotta keep plugging away at SSO though :)


09-16-2008, 07:44 AM
Well with the types of kara pugs now-a-days the minimums aren't probably all that accurate anymore. If your group isn't dripping in T5+ (a lot of pugs are) you're group would probably be all experienced raiders who know kara inside and out so it'll be easier either way. Based on your current armory gear and that you're crit immune you're fine to OT. The second half of kara will be more difficult but I'm sure you'll do fine. You just won't be tanking Prince or Nightbane for awhile yet.